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Timing methods for the Tarot


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A friend of mine, who has recently started to learn the Tarot, asked me if it's possible to get a timing for a prediction using the Tarot cards.


I told her that, personally, I never did it, and that usually the spread itself gives me the timeframe of a reading... I.e., whether it's valid for the next month, six months, or the next few days. With the spreads I use most, I already have an idea of how much time they usually cover, but I can't pinpoint dates, and everything also depends on how volatile a situation is.


I got curious though - do any of you use a timing method with the Tarot? Or have you ever tried? How was it in terms of accuracy?


Thank you!

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There are many ways to insert timing into a reading.


It can be inserted into the question itself: "What will happen between X & Y on a particular day?" or "What will happen between X & Y during a given period of time?"


As a general rule, I don't try to guess timing from an already pulled reading unless there is a specific timing position in the reading. I guess one could try to insinuate timing from an outcome or results card in the reading. But if that wasn't the intent at the time the cards were pulled for the reading, I don't think it's fair to ask that card to take on another role (timing) in addition to the role it was originally intended to take (outcome or result).


There are many ways of associating time with the cards though:

  • You can associate days, weeks, months and years with each of the minor suits (there are many different associations that I've seen) and then the rank of the card determines the number of units. So the Ace would be 1, the Page would be 11 and the King would be 14.
  • In such systems, the Majors are usually seen as being less connected to a specific time and are more often seen as saying "when this occurs" or "when that changes" where "this" and "that" are related to the Major's message.
  • All 78 of the cards have astrological associations (I know of at least 4 different sets of associations) ranging from a specific 10-11 day interval (usually Minors 2-10 but at least one set of associations uses A-9) to a whole season (usually Aces and Pages but again one set of associations uses 10s and Knights (which are called Horsemen in this system)). So any card in the deck can be associated with a specific time frame. Astrological associations limit the timing to within a year though.

I generally read for insight and information and not so much predictively, so I don't regularly try to get timing from my readings.

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I like to simply incorporate timing into the reading as a whole, for example asking "What will happen to X if Y goes to (name a place, or event) next week?" 


To me that's the easiest to do if I'm doing a predictive reading.  Other than that, I've found Nisaba's Timing Method to be brilliant and easy to understand. 




(I know.  I know.  She'll probably show up any second now to take a bow.  😂 )

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