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Images and Discussion from a recent Deck of the Week thread


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Wyrdkiss - I'm not in this group - but I do think it would be helpful if you'd copy and paste your posts about the deck over to here, so that those reading up on the Shadows deck - which I actually do occasionally as it is so very complex - don't have to trawl through everyone else's posts about THEIR decks of the week ? Just a thought from a visitor who has no right to comment ! ☮️.

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3 hours ago, gregory said:

Wyrdkiss - I'm not in this group - but I do think it would be helpful if you'd copy and paste your posts about the deck over to here, so that those reading up on the Shadows deck - which I actually do occasionally as it is so very complex - don't have to trawl through everyone else's posts about THEIR decks of the week ? Just a thought from a visitor who has no right to comment ! ☮️.

Sounds good Gregory, I'll do that this weekend.



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Getting in touch this week with the Tarot of Shadows,  a Russian release.  This unique tarot / oracle hybrid warrants using the major and minor arcana separately in readings.


I own  the deluxe, a standard English, and the Russian was gifted to me years ago, before it even hit the states.


I want to isolate some problematic issues in my life with this deck over the course of seven days, and apply to my goals for the year. ( I do a number of goals, not one big and often abandoned resolution!).


See you here soon.


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OK, this Shadow Tarot (which I incorrectly referred to as the Tarot of Shadows initially) is compelling and unique.


I will skip the details of my personal reading. I will say I emoted and highlighted my internal fears to the letter with one card from each the Major and Minor arcana.


A bit of background on the deck: Vera Sklyarova, from Russia, seems to take a theistic approach to the presence of shadow work.  She is, however, attempting to dispel or shine the light on the negativity in the users life.  Illuminate, and integrate.  While the imagery can be disturbing, i've noted the intent is good.

The one caveat is that some spreads "scan" the intent and integrity of others. I personally have no problem with that and have done so from the start of my tarot journey.


This is by far the most (and only) Abrahamic style deck I work with. I have no affinity of the Christian paradigm; I find even the R-W-S deck annoying.  Yet, it takes a unique approach. let me explain:


It uses parable and Judeo-Christian mythology to emphasize growth opportunities, yet the book (which is excellent) does not by any means sugar coat the contradictions and 

abuse found within the Old and New Testament. Instead, the author utilizes the core reality of the Bible's portion to assist the querent.


I will detail this with the Minor Arcana "Job" (the biblical  person) in card form later.


The major and Minor arcana are drawn separately in the deck. In some spreads she provides, The Majors serve only as the Significator.  That is a reading style I don't normally use, but regarding this pack Significators work well.

They are chosen by the reader, after hearing out (or pondering if solo) the situation.


A pic of  other guidelines for the reading approach is included here.



and lastly, enclosed is a pretty cool spread which uses two decks -- the Shadows Tarot and another of your choosing, preferably a tarot not an oracle.


The bottom of the triangle  is where the shadows reside, and that deck's cards are placed there.


I am loving this ride, although at times it can be a bit unsettling to read with. Not the imagery, but the  honesty and accuracy.


In my next post, I will dive into the cards XII EXORCISM and PEONIES (the flowers).


feedback and questions welcomed.



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Below is an example of how the Shadows Tarot functions.  I chose this card for relevance based on a past reading, not my current reading.

It is simply a prime example of the method and approach of the deck creator.


In the Exorcism card, the book author writes a bit about the process, psychology and history behind the practice.

The meaning in the book for the seeker = the atmosphere between lovers, potential discord in relationships, divorce / separation, and emotional cruelty.

In addition, it suggests the possibility of a testing period or false self.

The description states that it depends on the circumstances of the querent in the reading -- and that is fitting given the nature of the card, if it equates somewhat

problematic suggestions, or is very ill-dignified and illustrates the extreme.


What the card and book does not do is glorify the biblical practice, or ignore the cruelty inflicted on others who are often subjected to such treatment ( wise women, girls, the mentally ill, etc.)  Quite the contrary -- it pinpoints unpleasant and / or abusive behavior, correlates it to a fitting image, and applies.


What do you all think of the deck's approach?  It is pretty intense to work with, but accurate and rewarding as well thus far.


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Another unique aspect of the Shadows Tarot is the cards one may deem positive or appealing. Looking at the minor arcana Peonies, for example, we have a pleasant contrast when juxtaposed to some cards In the deck. It's cool how the book talks about the history of the Flowers meaning in medieval culture and before. In a reading, it stands for emotional Harmony, peaceful goodwill to my recollection. 

As an example, if this card appeared in the " past to draw on or learn from" position for a couple experiencing relationship strife, it would suggest they revisit that initial euphoria, empathy and love they embraced.  

There are quite a few, " good omen" type minor arcana offerings in the pack. Fascinating to me thus far.


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My last post for the week @gregory. An overall experience assessment with the Tarot of Shadows.


I love this hybrid. If interested in it yourself, keep in mind it is neither RWS nor Thoth nor Marseilles based.  

I suggest reading with it initially as the author intended, then experimenting from there.  This pack, plus my trusted RWS inspired Darkness of Light Tarot

is my favorite combo thus far.


I found myself, over the course of the years I've owned this pack, only turning to it occasionally -- called when it feels very necessary.

The workhorse of my trusted Thoth aside, that is probably what I value in a deck the most. Context, and resonance, even if rarely used.


This deck is ideal for Shadow work, although not necessarily from a Jungian perspective.

Not much more than any other regarding that philosophy.


I've enclosed a picture of my Deluxe deck in the forefront. It is massive, and the silver edges are simply stunning. It also comes with the pouch (which I keep the standard in), and the silver hardcover book.


I have a Russian version, and my eventual goal is to study enough to read THAT pack for myself and others. Especially other querents, as they will focus on the meaning and image rather than title of the card.  This deck is highly dependent on the meanings designated in the book.  There was, for me at least, less interplay with the images among one another than a Rider-Waite based pack. Another reason to combine with something more visually expressive.

One card is a  Spoon, for example, and another depicts a labyrinth.   


This one's a keeper for me. Cheers and thanks for reading. 


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