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Lo Scarabeo Catalog for 2022


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On 10/18/2022 at 7:13 AM, AnomalyTempest said:

Well if any of us actually get inspired I did find this site. I'm sure it would just take a bit of cross referencing to figure out. https://www.bibalex.org/learnhieroglyphs/Lesson/Introduction_En.aspx


Oh nice link, thanks. 


I found a couple of forum posts about a different Egyptian Tarot that commented on them being basically unrelated or random, and someone commented (perhaps on another deck again) that the creator was an artist not an Egyptologist so couldn't be expected to do all that extra research (I'm afraid I heartily disagree, there; if you're going to use a symbol system, best understand it - or team up with someone who does).  But all up, I'm not too optimistic!  I guess it might be a nice one to have for the aesthetic. 

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