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Third-Party Reading Rules Clarification

Little Fang

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Thank you all for your patience as we worked hard to solidify the "Third-Party Readings" rules for our forum.


We had a long discussion and determined what sort of questions and situations we would prefer not to see posted here, due to the importance of privacy and consent. 


Do note that these rules only take place on the forum, and we do not take issue with your readings done on your own time. 


Unacceptable Questions

Any question that doesn't relate to you, in which you have no consent from the folks you're reading on. 


1. "What is x's relationship to y?"

2. "What is the medical situation of x?" (Illness, Pregnancy, etc.)

3. "Did this celebrity really do the [current scandal in the media]?"

4. "Will X find a new job soon?"

5. "Why is X behaving in this way?"

6. "Is the new person I met X, married?"

7. "What are the details of x's legal case?"

8. "What is going on with my sibling/child/parent?"



Discouraged Questions

These questions would be allowed, but you must consider the other person and the situation. 

For example, would it be better to ask that person instead of doing a reading? They may wish to keep their thoughts private!

If you do choose to post these, please leave out intimate details of the person being read on, for legal reasons AND their privacy.


1. "What does X think/feel about me?"


Allowed Questions/Situations

We ask that all readings are centred around you, the person posting the reading in those areas.

If you are doing a reading and a third-party appears in it, this is fine. 


1. "What is the future of my career looking like?"

2. "Will I see my crush this week?"

3. "Is my relationship with X in my best interest?"

4. "How can I best help _____?"


We hope this clears things up. 


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