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It's our 5th Birthday!


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Today is Tarot, Tea and Me's birthday, it's 5 years since we started 🥳





- Little Fang started T,T & Me on the 2nd of July 2017 as the Aeclectic Tarot Forum was closing. It also means it's 5 years since AT closed and we all still miss it 😭


- At the start, members from AT were moving over to this forum as a new home for the community. As the days and months went by, people started joining who had never been members of AT and it became a nice community of old forum members and people who found us or were recommended our way


- By 2019 we had outgrown our original forum software. It was too basic and difficult to use and not great as the community grew. So we needed to upgrade! A crowd funder Kickstarter was launched which got to 150% of the amount asked in the first few days and well before the deadline! The final goal was 3 times the original planned amount from all the support. We were able to move the community on to this really powerful Invision Community forum software and with the extra funding we had a custom layout made and many themes, the gallery and other extras. This software makes a much better user friendly experience with more features and has invested in the community for the future as we keep growing. We moved on to this forum software in May 2019


- In 2022 we are still growing in community numbers year on year and at a faster rate each year. Sometime in July we will go past the 5000 member mark which is amazing!



Our current supporters and anyone who has ever subscribed for any length of time or donated to us, bought an ad banner or a tarot club, have helped us stay online. As we have grown, this paid for our hosting and software costs to keep the community going. Thank you for your generosity and support ❤️


Every member who visits daily or yearly or just posted once, have helped make this community grow! You have made this a diverse, thriving and flourishing community which is warm and friendly 🙂


On our 5th birthday, everyone has contributed to making this community grow in some way. Here is to many more years 🎉



Love @Little Fang and @stephanelli, @joy, @DanielJUK


Come over to our 5th birthday thread over here if you want to discuss this and post anything about it and have some virtual cake 🎂


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