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A KS deck I didn't notice, which has a very spare, monsters and beings theme, is available for purchase from the artist's site:




Very high contrast, RWS-themed, includes a booster pack of 20 additional cards which are oracle-type. This is a super cute deck, I think I'll be grabbing a copy. In the UK, too!

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I've bought a copy for @gregory and myself, so shall see what it's like. Not quite sure when they will be out, I think they have finished being printed.


The normal deck has 80 cards - 78 traditional Tarot cards + 2 bonus cards (Gratitude & Home)

This first edition version from the Kickstarter has 20 bonus cards which are oracle like, so you get 100 cards.

The Kickstarter reached more than double of the original goal! :thumbsup:🥰


She still has some stock from her website but it's limited in how many copies left of this version.

I noticed reading the Kickstarter page that she is going to sell some copies through our friends at the @TheWootique a London based online tarot & oracle store.


Will say what it's like when it arrives 🙂

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My deck came over the weekend and I thought I would take some unboxing photos and post them here on it's thread

beware the cards are super cute! 😊




With the deck there was a cute thank you little card from the artist to thank all the buyers for supporting her. Also it has stickers from 5 of the deck cards 🙂




The box is super bright yellow and clearly says this is the 1st edition version....





The cards are so simplistic like you would find in a kid's book! But I think probably the artist spent hours thinking of the simple image to symbolise each card. They might be simple but it fits!

It has good symbolic links to RWS ideas.




In this image, top is the majors, bottom is the minors, top left are the extra cards in the regular deck. There is a sealed pack of extra oracle type cards which starts with the Productivity Octopus!

The Card stock is really thick and has rounded corners. It's plastic card but not slippy, sticky plastic laminated like some RWS and other modern decks. Apparently it is "UV Plastic coated". It's Matte completely. I think it's near impossible to damage by shuffling and you can wipe them clean near kids! :classic_laugh:




It has a LWB which tells you how to use it and a few keywords for each card


@gregory This is the Death card for you as well!


All in all, it is much more usable as tarot than I expected and isn't just super cute! 🥰

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