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Iniciatory Golden Dawn Tarot


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So, got my first tarot deck & picked based on my visual interest. Inciatory Golden Dawn Tarot deck. i searched about Golden Dawn & felt i probably bit more than i can chew? there's heavy simbolism in e/card and i think the inicial GD had a strong Cábala inlfuence of which i know nothing about. i also read some bad critics about this particular deck for the imagery of the naked women & that some drawings didn't make sense. so, the deck is there not being used (i haven't even cleanse them yet) what are your opinions about this deck if any? 

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Well, for a start, you don't need to cleanse decks. :classic_smile:


There's a little about it here:



Here's a good review that might help:



And you might also find this site helpful:



Don't let silly people put you off because of nudity - there is nothing wrong with the human body, even with no clothes on. You're right that Golden Dawn takes a lot of study -  I like the deck well enough, and I imagine if you start by studying the images themselves and what YOU think they mean, that would be a good start. If the art work appealed to you, there will probably be a lot there for you. I'm a great believer in decks that call out to you. I think the artist wasn't really aware of Golden Dawn and just drew what he was told, which is unfortunate.




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@gregory thank you for the links 🙂  they are really helpful. and yep, i really was drawn to the images, specially the high priestess and the chariot, they look pretty intense

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