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Paw of Light Tarot, by Zapatrax


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For those who have a copy of the majors-only Tarot du Crepuscule by Zapatrax, it sounds like they've been working on a Minor Arcana expansion for that, but needed a break. And so instead they'll be launching a cat deck in February or so: Paw of Light.




As much as I've been slavering for a full Tarot du Crepuscule, I love Zapatrax's art so much, and I've never met a cat deck I didn't have to buy. 

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It's honestly a fun little deck but I have to admit that it doesn't get heavy use, the card imagery is a little unexact for my tastes. I find Cute Cat and Dreaming Cats better. I do still love the art, though, so until I am hard pressed for space I'll hold onto it for occasional readings.


I don't know that one, which is it?

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Oh no, I love it! I might need to get that one. Such a fun art style, I'm a sucker for pen/pencil decks of this kind.


...so many cat decks.


I forced myself to choose between Cute Cat Tarot and Weird Cat Tarot; they have similar vibes, if wildly different art styles. I may still get Weird Cat, one day.

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