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Hi, Paul hete


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I started tarot about a year ago and have a lot of curiosity about so much.  My approach is fairly secular, believing in tarot's ability to show new ways to think about situations; hook Into the syncronicity of life, offer new challenges.  In day to day use I like Visconti-Sforaza.  My collection in general has grown very big.


I prefer historical decks to modern decks.  The history and variation is quite exciting.

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Welcome to the forum Paul / @pfd :animated-smileys-signs-085: Glad you have found us here 😀:78496:


You can edit a post by pressing the  ... in the top right corner of your posts and selecting edit. Note: you have 60 mins after posting to edit a post.


You can edit your thread title by pressing and holding your mouse over the title for a few seconds till it becomes editable. You can also edit your first post and then edit your title field on that. That is the easier way on a mobile device. If you want me to edit the title, just let me know what you would like it to say 😀

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7 hours ago, pfd said:

...Paul here...  how do i edit my bad spellIng and typing?


HEY! Another secular reader! It's funny I discovered that term shortly before discovering this forum. Welcome!

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