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Kipper and Timing


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I'm still fairly new to the Kipper system, but is there any timings with this system or is it more vague or general terms? I'm terrible at tarot timing and I know Lenormand has it's own timing structure...which is why I ask

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Each (non person) card has a time period, like it can be fast or slow. Like Lenormand or Tarot, it has been given a basic association, weeks, months or a season. I would take it as only a rough guide to describe the card though.


I have been reading Toni Puhle's - The Card Geek's Guide to Kipper to learn more about this system (I personally love it!) and it's a big book which is printed on demand at your local regional amazon site. It's quite expensive but large!


Anyway this is her video guide from the book ideas of how she does timing with the intention of weeks or months in the columns, so this is a timing GT reading....



There is a little bit of interesting timing stuff at the beginning but the Kipper stuff starts at 2:38 if you want to skip on

The last section of the video has a second method, you select a signficator card again and then shuffle, You deal the cards till you get to the chosen card.


Hope that helps 🙂

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