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Del Toro deck adventures


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Today I would like to study one card from the Del Toro deck the Fool card. It’s not a human boy taking a step off a cliff, it is a creature part human and part goat standing and facing away from cliff. The guidebook has many interpretations that could possibly be influenced by other cards. So I guess that’s what they mean by the unknown. Would anyone like to share their ideas of this card? 

I am new to Tarot world, so I hope to learn more from this post. Thank you 

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That backs of this deck is a Cronos Device  from Guillermo Del Toro movie Cronos (Mexican). The Cronos Device is Facing one way with Skull at the top, so you automatically know if the card is upright or not. Is this a good thing or not? To me it takes away the advantage of mystery. Whenever I turn over a card I rather be surprised with the outcome the card is facing. 

So, when I shuffle the deck I actually avoid looking at the Cronos Device. 


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