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Can't seem to edit my journal anymore


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Do you want us to delete your whole journal or just a post? Have you saved any writings you want to keep?


The way to do it without editing is to post a card per post, work on each card and then move on to the next. You can edit for 60 mins but then you cannot access after that, unless you are one of the groups @stephanelli posted above.

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I tend to have lots of typos and spacing errors thanks to my bad eyes, which I will only find days or weeks later, and I am in need to be able to correct them. They drive me crazy. I do not want the info on the decks to be separated, which means I could only post on that deck for weeks to come and that's not helpful. Also, I need to be able to edit the index post, so I guess the journal has become useless at this point.


This is actually going to prevent me from posting much, because I always always fret over typos and misspellings to the point of anxierty attacks. I can sit at posts for minutes on end just to make sure it is not too bad to begin with. This one took me about 30 min.


I do have all the cards info on my computer but actually, you can just leave it as is, maybe I'll revisit once I have 1000 posts in a few years 🙂


Is this editing thing the same with blogs? Because then I don't need to try.

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Sadly we had trolls joining the forum and changing their threads and posts constantly to cause annoyance in the community and so we had to limit this feature. When we researched it, most other forums out there now only allow 60mins editing because of this.


Our regulars mostly subscribe so they can always edit their posts and get unlimited inbox, the off topic area, etc. You could wait till you get to 1000 posts or you could subscribe for a small amount of time and edit anything you want during that time period. You can also always quote yourself to add anything, You can also message any staff member and they can change any posts that are really annoying you with mistakes.


It does cover blogs as well, sorry there isn't better news here.

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