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Mobile Version Problem


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Ouch, I clumsily touched my mobile screen when the forum was shown on it, switched off the mobile version and can't switch it back on, can someone please help? Seeing the PC version on mobile is very inconvenient. Sorry about bothering you with it. 

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Hi @Eugenie,

I've moved your problem into a new thread as it's a different topic to the old mobile app we used to have and is now discontinued here.


About your issue, what system does your mobile device use, Apple or Android? What browser is this problem in? Then we can tell you hopefully how to get it back 🙂

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@DanielJUK, thank you! It is an Android, the browser is Chrome, and I usually don't experience issues. I was browsing the forum from the mobile (I usually use a computer, but sometimes I want to read on the go), touched something - I think it was in the right upper corner of the screen - and it became the web version. I tried to find a link to the Simplified or Mobile Version but could not. image.thumb.png.85ad2d02e62b2b330ba8db2253a05f28.png

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Chrome is the easiest browser to solve this problem with, phew 🙂


There is a setting to display as a "desktop view" per site.

This is how you get to it.....


Go to the top of the site on our site in Chrome, and click the menu on the top right




Look at this setting about "Desktop Site", it's most probably selected and unselect it to get back mobile view




I think that's all you did, just accidentally turn it on. You can turn it on and off easily in Chrome and it saves per site. Sometimes the desktop view is more helpful here for the input box.


Hopefully that will get back your mobile view 🙂

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