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Sandbox to test pictures


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I'm planning to open a topic about representations of Strength, Justice and Temperance in history.

But I'd like to see how high resolution pictures are displayed in the forum, so I'm trying here first.

This is just a try.


The below pictures are Boticcelli's Strength.

Source : Le Gallerie Degli Uffizi https://www.uffizi.it/en/artworks/fortitude









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I see that the pictures inserted in the messages are resized to 750 pixels in height, but then a larger version can be seen by clicking. Then we can see a picture resized about 1200x1200.


Let's test the width limit with this large picture of the seven virtues, by Francesco dello Scheggia (source : Wikimedia Commons https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Anton_Francesco_dello_Scheggia_-_The_Seven_Virtues_-_Google_Art_Project.jpg)



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I see that the width limit is 1000 in the message, and 1200 if we click on the picture.


It's ok, I've got all the info. 

This topic can be deleted (or left open if other members want to test the display of their pictures 😉 )

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Wait, the pictures are quite blurred when they are resized by the forum.

Here are two more versions, sharper. The first is 1000 pixels wide, the second 1200 pixels wide. Let's see if the sharpness is kept when they are not resized.






EDIT : this is strange, but the pictures are not displayed in their original size. They are slightly zoomed. The original sharpness is lost anyway.

I see that the two later (originals 1000 and 1200 wide) are a bit sharper than the one above (original 2560 wide).

Now it's ok, I see how the pictures are rendered. 😃

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I finally found the trick to have sharp pictures of the right size : after they are inserted in the message, double click on them, and set de desired size.


Original pictures don't need to be larger than 1200x1200, as it is the maximum size that can be displayed when the reader click on the picture in order to see it in full screen.

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Well done for figuring it all out, I wasn't 100% sure about all the sizing. Thanks for sharing your images of the historical deck origins 👏

The forum has to have a maximum size limit on images because hosting the server and storing all the images and threads costs money. It's quite generous, people can attach their images, host them in the threads and they are there forever. We are lucky to have subscribers and donations that keep the community hosted but there has to be a maximum line at some point 🙂 .

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Of course, it makes sense.

I have been in a lot of forums for many years, and I must say that your forum is very well managed, with advanced features for pictures, a very good moderation, with progressive rights granted after 5 posts for new members, possibility to edit messages limited in time, and a clear funding system, with the hosting costs displayed in the front page.

Congratulations and thank you for having this forum available to us!

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Thank you 🙏

I should say this forum and community is the vision of the owner / founder @Little Fang 👏

But we all try to make it a warm and friendly place 🙂 



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For the record - if size is an issue for someone, images can be hosted elsewhere and linked from here.

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