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1. You ask each of the Kings for advice about leaving your boring desk job to ..

Ix Chel

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1. You ask each of the Kings for advice about leaving your boring desk job to pursue your true passion of being a tightrope walker. What kind of guidance do each of them provide on this issue?


King of Wands is positive, he says that I have to follow my passion.

King of Cups is positive, he says that I have to follow my dreams

King of Swords is negative, he says that my action is not logical and has no future.

King of Pentacles is negative, he says that I am crazy. Because there is not much financial security and I have to make a carrier at my current job.

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King of Wands says to train hard and master the art - it'll take a lot of energy output to get to where I want to be as a professional!


King of Cups says to be strong and not worry about early rejections if I have them - it'll all be for the greater good.


King of Swords says to buy some kind of insurance that will cover me for this type of work - if I get injured and can't continue I will still need something to live on!


King of Pentacles says to take this slowly, save up some money before I go fully professional to act as a safety net.

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The King of Wands tells me to go for it and put all my energy into it and become the best tight roper to ever live.  He also advises that I include some good theatrics into my act to make it different and more flashy.


The King of Cups tells me that if I can dream it I can make it happen, so to go for it.  Follow my heart.


The King of Swords asks me if I have lost my ever loving mind, points out the probability of success rate, the risks to personal safety, and cost of insurance for such a high risk profession, and sends me right back to my boring desk job.


The King of Pentacles tells me that job like that will not sustain me financially, and will not benefit my health either.  He does not think it is a good idea, perhaps I should consider other jobs.

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King of Wands and King of Cups would say go for it, as long as I was sure it was what I wanted.


King of Swords would ask me to be rational: Do I have a plan on becoming a tightrope walker? Do I have money saved up in my account? Good health insurance? A back up plan if this all doesn’t go my way? Get prepared, THEN chase your dream.


And the King of Pents wouldn’t be into the idea at all. Why throw away a good job for something so dangerous?

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King of Wands says - you need more excitement in your work. Either leave the boring desk job or find a way to make it fun and full of life.


King of Cups says - follow your heart, and bear in mind all the people who depended on you in this position - make sure you thank them for their help and collaboration while you were here, and leave on a good note. You never know when you might need to call on them again.


King of Swords says - yup, get outa there, pronto. Nothing to be gained by hanging around here, hon.


King of Pentacles says - Weigh up all your options. Is it the job that's bothering you, or the company you work for? Can you transfer within the company? Don't be too hasty, whatever you do. Perhaps talking to your boss about your work might yield some improvement.



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I am trying to pretend that I truly dream of being a tightrope walker and that I am good at it (because in reality there is nothing I would like less than walking a tighrope - I fear the heigths, and I strongly dislike having to carry heavy equipment)


King of Cups : "Well my child, if it is really your dream, then go for it. Think of how exhilarated you will be when you manage what Philippe Petit did with the twin towers in 74 ! You can do the same in Dubai if you work well ! "


King of Pents : " That is all very well, but it's tough to earn a steady income being a tighrope walker. I suggest you keep your desk job at least part time for the first year, to see how things turn out. Think of the price of the equipment, and of keeping the equipment in pristine state. That will take a lot of efforts. Tightroping is not just about dancing in the air you know. There's a lot of work involved with the equipment, and with keeping your own body at the top of its form. Get a good health insurance, while you are at it."


King of Wands : "You'll need a team to work with you ! I can suggest friends that will help you getting started if you want. Also, you'll have to think of something to make your practice really specials. There are already hundreds of tightropes dancer out there, and you want to make a difference. I can help you brainstorm about adding some quality to your number.... something artistic, or maybe comical ? No, comical is not your style, you'll pull up artistic better. I have a dancer friend who can work with you on that. Shall I organize a meeting tomorow ?"


King of Swords : "Tell me more about this desk job that you want to quit. I sounds to me like you  are just looking for a cheap way out of your responsibilities. If your are gettting bored by your job, there are ways we can think up to keep it interesting. You can always go tightroping on the weekend for a hobby, like everybody else. There are already too many brilliant tighropers out there who are at it since they were 4 years old, and some of them are still struggling to make a living, so there is no room for you. be reasonable, you are too old to start a career in such a demanding field".

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The King of Wands says: If you believe you can do it, you probably can.  First, believe.  (Advice: work on self-confidence, leadership and look to your dreams.)


The King of Cups says:  Why do you feel that way?  Let's talk this through. (Advice: listen to your feelings and your gut instinct.)


The King of Swords says:  Give me 10 good reasons for why you should take up tightrope walking. Then I want to see your business plan. (Advice: think!.)


The King of Pentacles says:  What are the risks of tightrope walking and how much does it pay? (Advice: you've got to speculate to accumulate but don't gamble with what you can't afford to lose.)

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King of Cups: What makes your current job so boring? How did you realize tightrope walking was your true passion? There is a fine line between excitement and passion; I hope you understand that.  Further more,  I hope you have communicated with your love ones about this.  Because although the perspectives and feelings are different, the intensity and acuteness are the same.


King of Swords: It's not a good idea.  You competitors are those who have been training for tightrope walking since they were 4 years old.  From the training alone, you will discover muscles you didn't even know you had and this is the easy part.  The challenges are the continuous psychological combats of vertigo and the unstoppable aging of all things living.


King of Wands:  Passion; It's what makes life so worth living!  I say instead of talking about it, you should use up all your vacation days and go into a short training.  You can decide after.  Professional or amateur can both be done with passion. 


King of Pentacles: I am not aware that your liquid assets are in the 7 figure range. Money aside, what are your career advancement opportunities as a tightrope walker?  Since this is a sport and athletes retire early, what will you do after your early retirement?

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Hello guys,


here is my point of view :)


King of wands - why do you want to leave your desk?OK, maybe you are right that your job is not very interesting, but find a new advantage here. Make a friend with your colleague, flirt with nice receptionist,go to a kitchenette and eat some sweet cake. If life gives you a lemmon, ask for tequila and have a fun. You do not need to run away, you just need to change your point of view and things will not be boring anymore.


King of cups - oh nooo,come on, do not leave your desk.There are so many people, who need your help and advice.If you feel that you are at the top of your position become a great mentor who can assists to the other to go through stormy days.


King of pentacles - no, you do not go anywhere. Everything will fall down if you will leave. You are the esence of this you cannot leave.We need your stability and experiences you´ve gained.


King of swords - after you finish with a new analysis of diagrams, then you can desing a new macro, which would be useful for the other teammembers then you can bring me cup of tea and if you think that you still have enough time to think about leave our company, I will assign to you more tasks.


O. <3 <3 <3

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The King of Wands wants to join in on the training for it - even if this path isn't for him, he encourages me to chase my passions and is totally down for the experience with me.


The King of Pentacles is just against it because it's all up in the air - literally.  He's grounded, right?


The King of Swords would roll his eyes if that wasn't an undignified response.


The King of Cups would like to sit down with me and figure out where this mid-life crisis is truly stemming from.

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Saturn Celeste

1. You ask each of the Kings for advice about leaving your boring desk job to pursue your true passion of being a tightrope walker. What kind of guidance do each of them provide on this issue?

KoS = Make sure you take out extra insurance for yourself.

KoP = That's fine but make sure you get paid to do this.

KoW= I always wanted to be a tightrope walker myself but never found the time.  I'll come to your show!

KoC = Oh! I have slipped the surly bonds of earth,

And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings;

Sunward I've climbed, and joined the tumbling mirth

Of sun-split clouds, --and done a hundred things

You have not dreamed of --Wheeled and soared and swung

High in the sunlit silence. Hov'ring there

I've chased the shouting wind along, and flung

My eager craft through footless halls of air...

Up, up the long, delirious, burning blue

I've topped the wind-swept heights with easy grace

Where never lark or even eagle flew --

And, while with silent lifting mind I've trod

The high untrespassed sanctity of space,

Put out my hand, and touched the face of God.


~ John Magee - High Flight

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King of Cups “I will support your decision son or daughter but is it really what you want to do?”


King of Pentacles “Sure. Did you get training? How much will the training cost? Can we afford it right now?”


King of Wands “ Go after that shit before it’s too late. Go after your dreams son/daughter”


King of Swords “Why all of a sudden do you want a career change? What convinced you of this?”

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Initia Aside: Definitely feel I'm very late to the party with the Quirky Court Cards, but I've decided that I need to bond better with the court cards so here goes, for now I'm going to start from the top and work down, but we'll see how that goes :P


1. You ask each of the Kings for advice about leaving your boring desk job to pursue your true passion of being a tightrope walker. What kind of guidance do each of them provide on this issue?


King of Swords: "I admire that you know what your true passion is.  I'd advise you to think about it carefully first, make a plan, analyse it from all angles, make absolutely sure that this is the right choice for you before launching headlong into this move.  What prompted this career change anyway?  Have you thought about all the risks?  Maybe you should make a risk assessment."


King of Wands: "You should totally go for this.  You can be anything you want to be!  Don't worry about a plan, just go for it, straight away, no more thinking, more doing - the plan will fall into place as you go along!  Following your true passion will keep your inner fire burning forever!"


King of Cups: "I'll always support you and help you get to where you want but please, be honest with me now.  What prompted this?  Why now?  We should talk about how you feel about your desk job first, I'm worried that we haven't found the ultimate issue here.  Its always important to get to the heart of the matter before making a decision.  Maybe do some pros and cons of each job.  Perhaps you could take up tightrope walking as a hobby to start with, just to make sure?"


King of Pentacles: "Have you thought about the practical matters?  You must make sure you can still pay the bills, particularly if you're going to have to go through a period of training before you can start earning any money.  You'll need to pay for training and equipment - you should make yourself a budget, check that its viable first.  And remember that often people are generous - you might be able to get some things second hand such as the equipment you'll need."

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You ask each of the Kings for advice about leaving your boring desk job to pursue your true passion of being a tightrope walker. What kind of guidance do each of them provide on this issue?


I am very new to reading but I think after pondering the interpretation I get from each cards is:


KoS = Make sure you have researched and have a well rounded plan of how you want to accomplish this, don't move quickly, but take your time.  Make your decision with intellect and logic.


KoP = You have the ability to make anything fruitful, if you make the change, it will be successful.


KoC = Make sure you are making a balanced decision and not relying too much on emotions and desires. 


KoW = You can do it and make it work, go for it!

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King of Wands - "Welp, if it's what you're passionate about, go for it!"

King of Cups - "If it makes you happyyyyy, it can't be that baaaaad."

King of Swords - "What in the everluvin peanut crunch are you on?"

King of Pentacles - "You sure you can make money off that?"

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