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There is a Kabbalistic Lineage that works with images directly. I always had great respect for them, as in some points of view that is the female part of this, missing in many of the old systems, almost everywhere I think. In Egypt was called "Left Eye of Horus" I think, not sure. Right Eye is the Structural stuff and working directly with Images is suppose to be the Left.

Since that requires dialog, and is always surprising and changing it isn't easy to present it in a book or a video, so most of their exercises seem like a normal visualization, initially. But the system is not based on that, this is just the surface stuff.

They are done fast, because... Well, as some people from other systems used to say takes 3-5 seconds for the "analytical overlay" to trigger, so each Image has to be made before that happens. So its on purpose. Will post a nice exercise there is also 2+ books from them and they have courses and stuff:

One nice exercise for example:


So why posting this in Tarot forum... Well, this is Divination form as well. Based on how we will see the Tree(from the exercise) there is more that unfolds. Its explained in the books(second one for that).

Why is that good for Tarot.. Well, much of the practice with tarot is connected to work with Images. Knowing how to develop that into communication becomes important. While there were others doing the similar approach to things, each had their own unique perspective and seems nice to start with this. 

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