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Is paying for the forum worth it for promoting business?


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For those of you who sell tarot, have you gotten sales from advertising in the paid only section? 


I am thinking of paying but all the ads have 0 comments so idk if those people got any querents.

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Hi @Fallon,

There are various ways you can promote your business on the forum, within our rules. Let me go through them, so you know all your options here:-


- Ad Banners ~ You can take out banners which are at the top of the main forum pages on the desktop view and lower down on mobile view. This is per month (so you can try it out for one month). You can upload a banner and a link to your tarot business. You can also upload animated gifs.


- Link Directory ~ You can pay a one-off payment to join the directory which gives good visibility. People don't tend to leave comments on the sites, that is why they seem to be blank.


- Subscribing ~ This gives you plenty of options. You can also take out a link (or several different ones) in the Link Directory. It's included in the price, whilst you are subscribing. Also you can add a link to your site and / or small banner to your signature as a subscriber (under account settings). This appears under all your posts. Finally you can take out a thread in the Promote Yourself section to promote your business. You can include what images and links you like. You can update your thread there, once a week. That area is viewable to all but only subscribers can post in it and edit. Ad banners are separate to this. Subscribing also gets you the member's other areas of the forum and features.


I cannot say if it's worth it, just that it supports us to keep going.

If anyone does use it for business, let us know how it works for you here 🙂 

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