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NO - that I noticed - but - I'm on another invision forum.


When you go for search, top right, you can then go for "more". Then you get the option to search for "members". And - just try that.


I went for DanielJUK - both a partial match (which should work) and his full name. I went for AJ/Sharyn.... Just try and see what you get - a lot of strangers, basically. It works as it should on the other invision forum... I just went over there to test.

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yay @Little Fang you are a forum wrangling maestro 🙂 it looks amazing ❤️ I am sure in future we can find replacements for the bits which are obsolete now or they may get upgrades in future! The Members tab was quite annoying, I loved the A to Z of the first forum but hopefully we can find one in future.


Also just to flag it, you can make the forum posts screen much larger! I have to wear glasses to read / write text and a lot of text can be tricky. Firstly in the customiser you can make the forum display "fluid" and it fits the width of your monitor, my laptop has a large screen and it displays better than before. Also you can make the fonts larger to display in the posts, much easier for increasingly middle aged people like me, gasp did I write that! 👀🤣

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Thanks for the upgrade, @Little Fang  😀 It looks great! 👍


I notice a change in the format of links to posts. Perhaps not a big deal, but I let you know just so you're aware of it.


(In each post, there are three dots in the upper right corner where a left-click gives the options: Report, Share, or Edit.) However, if you instead right-click on these three dots, your browser gives you the option to copy the link address (to the post).


Before the upgrade the link address was in this format:


After the upgrade, the link address is in this format:

BUT, this link does not actually link to the post, just to the top of the page where the post is included...


I can manually rewrite the URL by taking the post-ID (173559) and put it in the first link format, then the link will work. But it would of course be easier if the link I copy in the first place actually works 🙂

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