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Anieth Nature Tarot


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This is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing it.  Despite my “no decks until autumn” rule I ordered it.  I do love nature decks!


You're very welcome! I love it as well- I'm certain I'll end up buying it soon  ^-^ Let  us know how you get on with it!

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So pretty.  I love animals.  Not sure I could read with the deck but it really is pretty and draws me in.


I have wondered about how it would read since it has quite a non-traditional feel. I have a feeling this one would work well with intuitive readings.

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So I finally purchased this deck and received it today, and I have to say it is one of the most beautiful decks I have ever seen. I was actually moved as I looked through the deck for the first time today. I have a feeling this is going to be one of the decks that speaks to me most clearly from my whole collection.


I'm actually inspired to do a full review of this deck- something I haven't done before! Hopefully I can get to writing that next week.

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Hi, Jade and RavenOfSummer!

My deck has arrived as well and I am quite taken by it!♥

I have started a thread about it on the cartomancy forum - some posts copied from my blog.


I would love to know and talk to you about how you get on with it, how your readings go and what stumbling points you have. :)

If you rather do that on this forum, that would be quite fine as well, just say the word!

I hope to hear from you and everyone else that feels like joining in!



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Thanks, Little Fang, I will keep that in mind.

I have never written a deck review and for right now I feel I need to get to know the deck a bit better before I attempt to write a formal review.

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This deck looks amazing. It's appealing to the bits of me the Greenwood appeals to.


But shipping to the UK is so expensive  :'(


Argh.  I'll have to think about this.


YES! :)


You know, that I am a BIG Greenwood aficionado and I do a very large part of my professional face to face readings with it.

So a deck fitting into the same general mythical time frame - and then all Animals appealed to me very much!


To have the Nature Tarot send to Canada was $ 24.00 Canadian - about $ 21 or so US


Maybe there are a few other people interested and you guys can get together and order all the decks in 1 pop and have them shipped over in 1 box?

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Oh, good luck with your pussycat!♥

There is a lot of Cat energy in this deck:

Wild Cats: lll Empress with 2 almost grown kittens walking through the dense bush

              4 of Wands =a Kitten encountering a small Bird maybe a fledgling on the ground

              10 of Blades = A grown Cat climbing a pine Tree, that appeared in the 2 previous


Lynx: Vlll Strength = A Lynx climbing a Tree in what seems to be morning light

        King of Wands = a mature male Lynx resting with one of his kittens on a tree branch

                              (A bit unrealistic, an adult male Lynx would rather eat or kill a Kitten)

        5 of Stones = 5 Lynx or Bobcat Kittens roughhousing beneath a large Tree


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Yes, right, there are very many close similarities!

Here is something about Eurasian Lynx:



Specifically it states that:

Females find a safe den space for their kittens, as in a hollow log or crevice. Females nurse and protect their young until independence. Once the cubs are old enough to travel they accompany the mother on hunting trips to learn how to hunt for themselves. Males do not contribute to the care of offspring.

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I have now worked and done my daily 3 card draws with this deck - basically since last September.

for the first few months i largely ignored the card meanings/ lwb and web site promptings that the deck creator A.E. Stone gave.

I do love Animals and most Animals depicted here have a distinct myth based meaning derived from my Siberian tribal upbringing/ teachings and a mix of the local albeit Canadian Native lore and also my rather limited knowledge of the Celtic / reconstructed Druidic meanings of said Animals and plants. 

I had found THE VERY BEST wooden Box for the deck, carved and with a Fox motive finely embroidered on silk.

At first, I had a small booklet to write notes into,which fitted into the box with the deck, but now, this little thing is just - toooo little:


Quite often I found myself looking up the Ogham meanings of the Trees and also searching for the use and meanings of the 284350824_BinderandBox.jpg.398e638c0bdbbe3a3ce27a7e2d9649bd.jpgEuropean plants in books and on the net.

Finally I decided, that I should put all the "stuff" in one place, into a large ring binder, that I can lug around, when we are travelling in our motor home and the internet is not available.

This is still a work in progress and a little gets added every day.

For right now, the binder is simple and ugly, but knowing myself, there will come a day, when I will grab some Fox and Wolf fur, some Owl feathers, maybe make a nice Wolf out of Sterling Silver and decorate it - in the fashion of my Greenwood binder 🙂


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Meanwhile my second A.E.Stone Tarot arrived:

The Stone Nature Tarot.

many cards are similar, some are identical, but in different positions in the deck, I am loooooking at an extra suit and am now comparing and contrasting both decks.

The thread is here:


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I am working with this deck, so that MAYBE I can, at some point take it out to become one of my “reading in public” decks.

Lots of Tarot clients , especially here in Muskoka love Animals and the Animal decks I have do get a good workout.

I personally loooove the artwork on this deck and hope to be able to get used to this new system, the Ogham meanings and other associations that go with the images. They are away from the Kabbalah, christian influences and other stuffff added onto Tarot over the centuries.


Having stated that fact out loud, my Native American sitters/ clients are warming up to Tarot!!!!! They always LOVED the Medicine Cards – or the Sweatlodge cards, and the South-Western Sacred Tribes deck and the readings I did with them! And their numbers are growing.

One of my Ojibwa friends is learning to read Tarot, even signed up to this forum and is currently working with the Tarot of Trees 🙂

Right now I am however trying to refresh my tried and trusted reading style and I REALLY would LOVE to find out, what a Native American sitter says, when presented with the Native and also the Celtic/ European Medicine Meanings of the “Manitous” and I am hoping to be able to bring these meanings home to to my sitters with Celtic/ European heritage.

This deck feels like the right one to explore that 🙂


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I am happy to report, that today I did 2 face to face readings with the deck and it all went very easy and fluid.

Both sitters could relate to the images very well and were very pleased with their readings and my choice of this deck. 🙂


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I have not checked this old thread for a while...

Just quickly reporting, that I still like and use the Anieth, albeit now with  plane old RWS meanings as a basis, my knowledge of the Animals in their natural environment and my intuition when doing so.

It reads well, together with the Greenwood and had it not been nasty 2020 I would have had plenty of opportunity to take it along for face to face readings.

These days, with readings via Zoom or all typed up I am keeping it simple and just use the Greenwood.....

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