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Charles Dickens deck


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Not sure if there's a newer thread on the Charles Dickens tarot or not -- this is the only one that came up when I searched.


Anyway . . . I missed the Kickstarter campaign, but recently bought this deck via Amazon. I had high hopes for it, but find myself gravely disappointed. Though the box is sturdy, the book is nicely printed, and the cards have lovely gilt edges, none of those things make up for the art, and how stretched out of proportion it is on many cards. It feels rushed somehow, or simply amateur -- as if the concept is there, but the creator's Photoshop skill-set wasn't yet where it needed to be.


The only case in which I'd recommend the Charles Dickens tarot is if someone is a collector with an eye towards owning literary-themed decks. I wouldn't suggest this as a deck for doing readings with.

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