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Why not Kabbalah?


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But see, in a study group, someone at least has to set the agenda. If anyone will just post whatever topic they want under a Kabbalah sub for example, it's no longer a study group - it just becomes a Kabbalah section. There must at least be some consensus on what will be covered so that prospective participants would know what to expect.



Fair enough. I hadn't appreciated the difference until you explained it. Perhaps we should take suggestions for topics. Then if enough people are interested, we can ask for the group to be set up.


Here's a suggestion. If we do one a week it'll take us to Christmas. I've front-loaded the basic kabbalistic concepts into the first five weeks, as I expect we all have some familiarity with tarot, but the same isn't true of Kabbalah. I've missed out some topics such as Gematria (numerology) as it's not that essential to tarot, and added in some non-kabbalah, especially in topic four, as it's so intertwined with GD's esotericism, I doubt we could do without it.


1 What is Kabbalah and How Does it Relate to Tarot Historically

2 What are the 22 letters of the Hebrew Alphabet and What do they Mean

3 Creation (part one): the 10 Sefirot and the Four (Five) Worlds

4 Getting Hermetic. As above, so below. As below, so above. Pathwalking. The Rose-Cross.

5 Creation (part two): the Four (Five) parts of the Soul, and The Four (Five) Elements and The Four (Five) suits.

6 The Trees of Life and the Lurianic Tarot

7 The Day of Judgement and a Thousand Years of the Chariot.

8 Gender-Bending. Partzufim and the Court Cards. Klipot and Reversals.

9 The Supernal Triad and its Majors

10 The Second Triad and its Majors

11 The Lower Triad and its Majors

12 Malkut and Da'at, the two odd-bods and their relationship to the supernals.

13 Aces and Tens; Pages and Princesses.

14 Twos and Threes; Kings and Queens

15 Fours, Fives and Sixes; Knights

16 Sevens, Eights and Nines

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As tumbleweeds have been tumbling through this thread since I made a suggested syllabus, I'm going to guess that's not because everyone is so stunned by its brilliance they could suggest no improvements.


So I've decided to proceed with kabbalah self-study in journal form. Cobweb[/member] feel free to ask as many questions there as you want. A good question is often more useful than a good answer.


We can always convert to a study group later if others want to join in.

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Ratty[/member]  Oh no, I've not been online very much (it's been evil at work and my tarot time has been non-existent) and now tumbleweeds are blowing through the thread...  :'(


Thank you so much to you and Rose Lalonde[/member] for answering the first of my questions.  I had wondered whether it was a transliteration point and it's good to have a satisfactory answer.  Now to decide how to spell it for myself!


I would love it if we can get a study group going and Ratty's syllabus looks fab...    Is anyone else up for it?  ( In the meantime, will check out Ratty's own thread.)

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fire cat pickles
On 8/14/2018 at 10:46 PM, EmpyreanKnight said:

The kabbalistic correspondences are that the minors reflect the Sefirot, while the majors reflect the paths. If you try to put both systems together, you'd get a correspondence between the ten Sefirot and the majors too. But it doesn't quite fit.


Keter = Ace = Magician

Chochma = 2 = High Priestess

Binah = 3 = Empress

Chesed = 4 = Emperor

G'vurah = 5 = Hierophant

Tiferet = 6 = The Lovers

Netzach = 7 = The Chariot

Hod = 8 = Strength

Yesod = 9 = Hermit

Malkut = 10 = Fortune


All just about okay, apart from the Emperor and perhaps the Hierophant. The idea that Aries goes with loving kindness and unthinking generosity doesn't really fly.


You're right Ratty, this is quite strange. Following this would mean that, for example, The Magician is not only Kether, but the path between Kether and Binah as well. As per the table above, Binah corresponds to The Empress. Why should the Path of Beth be attributed to The Magician and not to The Empress?


This is incorrect. It is not as simple as this. This is perhaps why I haven't really gotten too involved in the the Kabbalah in Tarot.


I have attached a file with combined images from The Qabalistic Tarot, by Robert Wang.

tree paths.png

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