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Haha, that is pretty funny. Like sleeper cells and Trojan horses. But tell me, couldn’t any deck creator have done just that? So maybe we should really distrust every deck, and - while we are at it - every item in our possession (that we did not make ourselves)! Also, if a creator (any creator) was planning something like that, wouldn’t it then be more likely that they did not speak as candidly about the whole thing? I mean, why just not secretly cast a spell on your decks and then assign them a secret code word for when they have reached their destination and are to be activated? (And why have no one thought of making a movie with this type of storyline? It is golden!) 


Lastly. I would have thought that a true ‘master magician’ (or whatever it was he called himself) would have a pretty bad-ass defense set up against any type of intrusions in the first place. Because if you believe in that type of ‘hacking’, then you’d be pretty reckless or inexperienced to not have taken lots of precautions and installed the best software on your hard drive. So to speak. I guess my magical and spiritual worldview  impacts me here. So I see it a bit differently than that. Oh well. 

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Sorry I tossed that question out there and then disappeared. It was my intention to write more, but it’s summer and yesterday was spent strolling the warm and busy streets of Copenhagen. 🙂 


The thing is, I ordered the SKT Vitruvian a while back, along with the Book of Maps and the 22 Weeks workbook from LuLu. 


It was sent out pretty fast, but takes a while to get here, with transportation and going through customs etc.


It was difficult to have to wait for it (naturally!,) so I thought I’d watch some youtube videos. And there, this guy was with his video. I felt it stood out from the rest, to say the least. 


Because of there’s a real person his suspicions center around, I didn’t want to spread the video by posting the link here.


But his is a concern I’ve never heard before, in the tarot world. 




So; firstly; I must confess that I have never thought about it in relation to buying tarot decks, before.


Also though, the SKT is very special in a multitude of ways, including the details surrounding its conception and with whom conceived of it. (As he cannot easily imagine that Benebell Wen has read nothing of practitioner magic in her life, I mean.)


Maybe that is why these concerns are brought up for him now, and not with other decks. 


With all of his knowledge of ritualized magic, this must be really triggering for him. Especially as he does seem to believe in, and have a fear of, evil entities.


None of that is an excuse to make an official video with content directly aimed at someone else. I think especially with his flare for drama, i.e the opening soundtrack and imagery of his video... that the result is unfortunate. It becomes personal attack, even though he doesn’t specifically say that what he brings up is anything but a warning, a suspicion, a possibility. 


He could have made a more general video, and didn’t, but I think that that might be coincidental, more than a personal vendetta. His choice there, is explained by his fears, social bluntness, etc.


But; aside from all of that, there is one thing that catches my attention:


Namely that he’s not wrong on how ritualized magic works. Many times over the years, I’ve come across very uninformed accounts, and his isn’t a part of that. 


Because of that, personally I can’t just shrug it off, and continue with my day without giving it a second thought. 


That said, some (a portion of) men are a bit paranoid when it comes to (what they perceive to be the mystery of) women. It’s a fact easily observable, especially with powerful and self-realized women, and also during everything concerning childbirth. 


He does seem fearful, and he does mention that she longs for a child (which is also a motive and gateway for taking to magical means in many fairytales.)


So; I have to take that into account. (That his personal level of fear seem disproportionate to where he himself is at, in full safety from owning a copy of the deck he talks about.)


Also, although well concealed, there’s a hint of anger during the part where he mentions that Benebell Wen refused to answer his question, but instead referred him to the book. 


From my point of view, that anger can come from no place but entitlement and a frustration that he didn’t get to explore his critique further. He was also robbed of the satisfaction of a receipt that his words had hit her with a negative impact. In other words, she remains empowered and fully shielded from what might just be a bad guardian angel on HIS shoulder...


Then, when I consider that piece of info. from the other end of it, I feel that it’s very logical that she wouldn’t engage in personal conversation with him, and that that decision of hers is telling me something... Namely how she personally must have made the assessment that his attitude towards her is a toxic one. 


I say that, because when I had a few questions about the SKT Vitruvian, and I wrote that email address for James, he responded, and even though she wouldn’t have had to and I didn’t expect her personally to, SO DID SHE. And she went to great length, it wasn’t just any default answers, and it wasn’t just a few sentences. 


So, I know that she is a generous person with her time and she was with me. I had a really good impression. 


And all of those things that she does with her deck, and the intensity of her spiritual process with it, etc. Well, that seem 100% consistent with whom she is. There is no anomally there, no discrepancy between how she is with the deck business and how she seems outside of the deck business.


I also did one of those SKT meditations with her on youtube, and I only got protective energy transmitted through that, and absolutely no bad energies.




In conclusion, I think that that guys video plays on very deep-rooted (archetypal) fears imbedded in human kind. 


It’s fear of the unknown, isn’t it?


”Benebell seems a good person, this deck seems great and innocent... but beware, under the surface of what you can see, there’s something un-defined evil lurking.”


And even though I know all of this and more, it’s really not all that easy to shake that thought that What if that dude is right. Maybe better safe than sorry. 


And I HATE that, because I love the deck. I love this (supposedly darned) deck so much. 


But, isn’t that exactly how Tarot as a whole, is probably viewed by Christian fanatics? That it’s bad spirited...


So, as per usual I have something to be grateful for. That through this guy, I get a bit of a taste of what Tarot as a whole probably feels like, to so many people.


But with this deck, I just want to love it. And I don’t want these concerns to be brought up. But do you guys think that it is possible that it is working with me already? Could it be that my SKT Vitruvian is already at play here?


(The Wildwood affected me before I had a physical copy of it. Of course, not at all in this way, but with other grand gestures. The Wildwood does sometimes manifest itself ”outside of the deck” in an undeniable way.)


Is that possible here, that that is what’s happening?


And if so, is it just me, or is that whole video a manifestation that actually comes FROM THE DECK?


Maybe that guy is just like the radio talker whom unknowingly plays synchronous songs? Maybe the deck pulled this guy to it, because his energy actually fits in with the decks message? 


Benebell Wen has sort of said it herself that it is a deep deck that the process of drawing it brought her on an incredibly intense spiritual journey. And she sort of said, that with it, you can’t have the light without first entering the dark. 


Thoughts on this would be so welcome!



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(I think I better not reply individually to each one whom wrote on the video, so as not to bring that video to be the main topic of the thread.


But to you whom responded, Thank you very much. 


I appreciate all of the individual thoughts on that video from you guys, very much! 🙂 )


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3 hours ago, Nordica De Spell said:

Namely that he’s not wrong on how ritualized magic works. ...


Because of that, personally I can’t just shrug it off, and continue with my day without giving it a second thought.

I think this is a really interesting topic. Maybe a separate thread or threads?


Decks like the SKT, and others, definitely have power. But it's a different kind of power than what the guy talks about in the video. (I think he is just looking for something to yak about in a video, or he is very misguided and fearful, and I don't think he himself deserves anymore of our thoughts.)


There is a big difference between the magical potential built into a deck versus enchanting specific objects to have specific effects on individuals.


I think most magical people would agree that an object that has been heavily worked on magically can be effective for an intended purpose. But is it possible to enchant thousands of decks with a metaphorical wave of wand to affect thousands of total strangers? I doubt it. And even if you could, it seems the blow back would be crippling. But I really don't think it is humanly possible. Is it?


This question is entirely separate from the question of what kind of person so-and-so is and whether they would attempt such a thing.

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@McFaire, yes I was about to post a reply, but you’re right that it isn’t the thread for it. Thank you very much though, for your consistent logic. It feels comfortable and familiar. That said, it is possible. (Not at all said in a spirit that Benebell did do it, but just as a general comment.) 


Anyway, the real question for me will be whether I will be one of those kids whom pass the marshmallow test. (AKA Can I sit in a room without opening that parcel?)


@Flaxen, Thank you very much. It’s very good to know! 🙂 



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17 hours ago, Flaxen said:

I’ve been working with the SKT intensively for a few months and can’t say I’ve experienced any ‘dark’ energy. 

It is intense but I think working with any deck in a ritual or deep, introspective way will do that. 

I have seen the readings you do and your relationship with this deck reminds me of my relationship with the Stella’s tarot. So I’m eager to get to know the Spirit keepers tarot for myself! 

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Haha! luv that part "beware, under the surface of what you can see, there’s something un-defined evil lurking ." as imo it can apply to Everything! Not just Tarot, but Anything/ aspect of life starting from our deep subconscious to society, but it's all just *potential & we have that for good things as well!^^

so in the end it's up to us to stay on light or give a hand to good or evil in the world?xD lol


imo it's just  a bitter fan angry he didn't get acknowledged & answered his question properly?;)

also it's low to take your dissatisfaction with some product to personal level & start calling someone names just because she don't have children she supposedly want?x,x i mean wtf I understand people who have children think they are Best thing in life but I'm not mother or married & don't plan settling like Ever!;D so we are Not All Same & Have Different Preferences & Aspirations in life?;)


@Nordica De Spell imo no reason to be concerned about your SKT Tarot any more than any other Tarot deck(i.e Happy or cat!:) & probably less than some DV!xD lol

as fact is bwen is *pro light worker experienced in her practice & know what she's doing?!;D

so it's probably *safe as you can get with Tarot deck!;D as she did Everything with Good Intention to make it Safe & Protected divination tool?;) & intention is your anchor with Magic work?;)

personally I consider myself *experienced Shaman/Medium/Exorcist & Super Sensitive to Entities/Energize & I got nothing but good vibe & intentions from her deck & books?;) & imo if you have any concern about your *etheral safety All you need is think protective bubble around you & ring/pillar of light if you need to *cleanse some item/entity?;D Also Jesus Helps!^^ lol

imo no one would bother to *enchant their life art work for *evil purpose (not even Crowley!^^) as we all wish to share Best of us & show others awesome art we created & leave something good to world to remember us?;D so I don't see reason why would bwen use her *power for nothing but good as she's hard working girl who knows how to earn & create what she wants?;) & is willing to spend her Time to Share All she knows with us?:) imo Time is most precious thing!^^ we all have same limit in that apartment?!^^ She already have her job so it's her good will still spending so much time to create youtube vid & all author work (& free stuff!) she provide on her blog?;)


but fact is *art taste preferences is personal thing & what one see as awesome other may be left cold so for yourself you are best judge when your deck arrive take it in your hands & ask your self does it bring a joy?;D if yes keep it & have fun playing with I'm sure you'll learn a lot's of things!;)

if not that's ok to, maybe it's meant to go to someone else who will have more joy working with!;)


also regardless of how *bad Tarot art is imo true danger of Tarot is not some *mysterious power we imagine lurking on our soul (btw you do realize there is 7.7 bilion people on this earth & new born/rip every day & big of part living in conditions perfect for *soul exploration so no lack in Soul taking/possesion department?!xD lol BUT fact as we use it our thinking changes & THATS most dangerous thing as we start to see things differently & change & fact is our environment/people around us are well used to specific perception/picture of us & wont be happy seeing you change even for better!x// as we all *love known evil over unknown,,, whatever!;D

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1 hour ago, Raggydoll said:

I believe it’s referring to Doreen Virtue, but I could be wrong (English isn’t my native language either as you know 😉)

Oh! Ok!


Yeah, I have some of Doreen’s, but it feels weird now that she herself would prefer that I would throw them on the pyre. 😕 


(Which would be another topic, though.)

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5 hours ago, Raggydoll said:

I believe it’s referring to Doreen Virtue, but I could be wrong (English isn’t my native language either as you know 😉)

Haha! Exactly! thou whose name we not dare speak & only refer by initials?xD lol

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