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Unboxings and First Impressions


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Thank you to @TheFeeLion for sharing this deck and book last May. The art is vibrant with earthy shades of oranges and blues. The cards are lightly textured. The LBW has just enough detail to share why the artist chose the specific fairy tale, myth or folklore for the card by including the title of the story and a brief sentence connecting the card to the story. It is well done for an mm release, IMO.


The beautiful book is a separate purchase and does not reference or refer back to the deck. There are over 150 one-page stories with a corresponding art page on the left side. To find the story connected to the card you need to look it up in the index. The book is a plus for the deck as an on-hand reference to the story, but not necessary. 





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I also got the Tarot of the Divine this week, hope its ok to also post about it! I used it for the first time yesterday. I did get the book Behind the Moon. My very first impression opening up the box was that the deck is THICK. I've included a photo side-by-side with The Happy Tarot which is a fairly standard Lo Scarbareo deck. The cards are not un-bendy, in fact I'm a little worried about damaging them, but the deck is a little difficult to shuffle because of how huge it is.




I wanted to talk about how the decks and the Tales and the books relate. Pick a card. The accompanying booklet tells you the title of the Tale and how the element pictured relates to the card, then a usual lwb-type definition of the card. Behind the Moon has the full tales, but - so far, IMO - not very well told, just kind of.. told. The cards are not related back to at all, or even mentioned in Behind the Moon. The Tales are not in card order. The one I'm showing even has the title listed differently in the booklet than in the Index so it was harder to find ("Sun Wukong, the Monkey King" vs "The Monkey King, Sun Wukong"). But you just have to search the index for each individual Tale - unless someone else finds/figures out something that I haven't. So I don't regret buying Behind the Moon.. I think, but I don't know how much it will add to my card-reading experience. In my first reading I gave up on reading the Tales after the first few cards.




The book itself is kind of hard to keep open, and the pages are a little too stuck together (the one pictured in particular). Its also pretty huge, I was amazed it fit on my shelf. I'm keeping the deck in front of it and I have to be careful because it falls off the shelf when I take the deck away.


Anyway my first reading went well and was very clear and seemed quite accurate. It is a happy addition to my collection ūüôā

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My turn for Tarot of the Divine excitement! ūüėĀ I've only just opened the package and flicked through the cards... How did I not know they were going to be linen finish??? This'll be my first linen deck and I can already tell it'll make all the difference shuffling these cards seeing as they're pretty thick. Thanks to the way they grain of the card stock runs they've got a bit of flex to them so they don't feel too rigid which is nice.¬†


I think I'll be reading Under the Moon before I delve into this deck. I want to familiarise my self with the stories and their themes first. I've already read one or two. They are all relatively short; just enough to get a feel for the story. I'm looking forward to diving into the rest ūüėĀ

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Remy, that Lenormand deck is lovely, and I am also in love with the box!


Also, am now enabled re the Tarot of the Divine...ūüôĄ


I am delighted to announce that I now have The Wild Green Chagallian!!
It arrived complete with signed poem card and the lovely dark green paper, with a leaf sticker.

So chuffed, been on my wish list forever, didn't think I'd actually get one.¬†ūü§©


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Just got my copy of the Tarot of the Divine so adding photos to the pile!20200914_154118.thumb.jpg.6222cc53318ed9bce5bb1d0f247f8172.jpg





I am not sure about the card-stock, which has a slight glare and feels very much like holding a scratch-off lotto ticket. But the design is predictably absolutely gorgeous.

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The Momento Mori finally arrived!!!!! I wasn't expecting it for a little while longer, but sure glad it came.
I wont have the time to study these for a while - but I'm happy to be able to enjoy the images.
The Momento Mori can be used as either Oracle or Lenormond by simply taking away the extra cards in the deck.

As you can see.... very well wrapped and protected. Cards arrived in perfect condition. I bought it direct from creator on Etsy, my first purchase from that platform. 


Cards arrived with a linen card bag, LWB and an extra little token tarot card with meaning on the back - like a mini little oracle just for me. 


A peak at the artwork...



So first thoughts..... enjoying the monotone artwork - with little pops of green and white from the flowers. I have learnt as much as I love colour in real life, I like my cards on the blander side - it will be interesting to see how I go reading with these once I start learning. The one thing I'm not sure fits 100% is the back of the cards.... I understand the sentiment - but stylistically it is perhaps a little mismatched, I'm less convinced. It is a very good selling deck, so what do I know?! LOL. Either way I'm enjoying them very much so far! The cards have really good slip to them, and the box isn't unnecessarily large (which is a little pet peeve of mine).

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Just got my copy of Nightmare Before Christmas Tarot yesterday and opened it up. Unfortunately the top card - the Fool is quite indented on the face of it, so I've already contacted the publisher about replacing it. There's also a dent on the side of the whole deck that I'm not as concerned about.




The cards are very matte, more than I've ever seen. The card stock seems just fine, not too stiff.



In flipping through it, I noticed a lot more pip-esque cards than I was expecting.



Funny side note: the ribbon that goes under the deck to help you pull it out arrived¬†not¬†under the deck but to the side of it. So if you happen to see this before opening yours up - don't just go yanking at it that first time ūüôā



I haven't really delved into it too much, and I won't do any readings until I find out the fate of the replacement. I can report back on the publisher's response.


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Oh man it looks so nice!! Alas that my shipment is delayed because the whole west coast is on fire. I'll have to be patient. *continues F5ing*

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The publisher for the Nightmare Before Christmas deck did get back to me after a few days (which included a weekend) and they are going to send me a replacement deck but since they were being sold through¬†pre-order they are back-ordered now, so it'll be probably over a month.¬†ūü•ļ¬†After my completely ridiculous experience obtaining the Ostara deck, I can't help but be worried that a similar issue will show up on the next one. But, you know, I'll live.

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On 9/6/2020 at 5:12 PM, LogicalHue said:

The Tales are not in card order. The one I'm showing even has the title listed differently in the booklet than in the Index so it was harder to find ("Sun Wukong, the Monkey King" vs "The Monkey King, Sun Wukong"). But you just have to search the index for each individual Tale - unless someone else finds/figures out something that I haven't.


Re Behind the Moon: I have now finished reading the book (on its own, outside of tarot readings) and discovered the alphabetized index in the back! (The beginning of the book list in order of appearance is titled "contents".)

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