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Mystical Cats Tarot - Relationships between cards


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This thread will be used to talk about the relationships between multiple cards. Their similarities/differences, continuity of an event, comparison between suits, etc.



I will start with a comparison between the 4 Aces.


The 4 Clans relate to one of the elements and that element is visible on each card :

-Flames for the Fire element on the Ace of Fire

-Wave for the Water element on the Ace of Sea

-Wind for the Air element on the Ace of Sky

-Vegetation for the Earth element on the Ace of Earth


The emblem of the Fire Clan has the shape of a heater shield and the one for the Sky Clan is exhibited on a gonfalon banner. Both show a heraldic inspiration and the tendency to be 'warrior-minded'.


When looking at the 4 Aces, it's easy to see that the Ace of Fire is the most artistic one. The beautiful wrought iron designs show that the Fire Cats have fine artists among them.

The Sea Cats also made an artistic effort for their emblem, using varied material and a little bit of imagination. The result is not as noble or perfected as the Fire Cats' gate, but it definitely has a personnalized look that the other emblems don't have. The sea glass piece gives a feel of preciousness reminding of the 'treasures' children typically find on the ground. It gives a pure and innocent feel to this clan.

The Aces of Sky and Earth are more simplistic, giving off the impression that both clans are more down-to-earth and practical. 


The Sky Clan's emblem is the only one sporting a clawed paw print, showing once again that they're the most defensive and aggressive in nature.

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Comparison between the 2s


2 cards show us a cat waiting, in an 'actively passive' state. 

In the Two of Fire, the cat is doing something ; he's watching outside. But he's also waiting before commiting to a more serious action related to his issue. The same is happening with the cat on the Two of Sky card. The cat has all his senses in alert as he tries to perceive a potential enemy coming towards him. Yet, he too is waiting for the right moment before diving into the unknown. 

The other 2 cards show us cats who are feeling a moment of connection. 

In the Two of Sea, the 2 cats are feeling connected together, while the cat in the Two of Earth is feeling connected and grounded with herself and the Universe. 


The 4 cards give us advices related to how one should react when dealing with unexpected events or at the beginning of any important project :

The Two of Fire tells us to THINK well before acting.

The Two of Sky tells us to ANALYZE well before acting.

The Two of Earth tells us to GROUND YOURSELF before acting.

The Two of Sea tells us to TRUST YOUR GUT FEELING.

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At first I couldn't find any 'deep' relationship between the 'Three' of each clan. So I simply skipped them. But then last night it suddenly popped in my mind : The 3s are telling you to 'open your mind' to important life lessons, to advance towards your 'higher self'.


In the Three of Fire, the cat is 'opening their mind' to spiritual enlightenment and is ready to take a leap towards the light.

In the Three of Sea, the cats accepted to 'open their mind' and heart to an animal totally different from them in appearance, but similar to them at heart.

In the Three of Sky, the author is advising us to 'open our mind' to positivity and to become mentally and emotionally more mature.

In the Three of Sky, the cats realized, by 'being open-minded', that it was easier for them to get a task done when using teamwork.

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One thing those 4 cards have in common is the inaction, at least in the physical sense.


In the Four of Fire, the cats are active on a spiritual level, they are contemplating the object of their passion.

In the Four of Sea, the cat is totally disconnected from reality. They seem to be inactive on all levels.

In the Four of Sky, the cat is sleeping, or at least resting in a completely relaxed state.

In the Four of Earth, the cat is not budging from his spot because he's afraid he might be robbed from his treasure.


For 2 of the cards, we can even say the inaction is at the level of being stuck, with no progress that can be made in the actual state of things.

In the Four of Sea, the cat has no interest in doing anything because they don't 'feel' like doing anything.

In the Four of Earth, the cat doesn't want to move from his spot because he's afraid of 'losing' his material possessions.


The other 2 cards are more positive in terms of growth.

In the Four of Fire, the cats are leaning towards spiritual enlightenment.

In the Four of Sky, the cat is resting to help him recover from the physical and mental strain of his daily life.

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This time, the connection was quite easy to make between the cards.


All of them are about 'challenges, struggles and the growth and learning resulting from them', as I wrote in each of their analysis.


Of course there are some differences and each card relates to a different realm of consciousness.


The Five of Fire is about the burning passion for friendly challenges that will help with growth as an individual.

The Five of Sea is about the emotional challenges and struggles of life.

The Five of Sky is about more serious arguments due to a bullying or close-minded mentality.

The Five or Earth is about struggles and challenges related to the physical realm and well-being.

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In this case, the cards are advising us about the various ways one could react to a situation.


In the 6 of Fire, we are advised to take our responsibilities.

In the 6 of Sea, we are advised to be a bit more careless.

In the 6 of Sky, we are advised to let go / abandon for now.

In the 6 of Earth, we are advised to accept help when we need it.


There are a few matches that can be made as well.


The Fire and Sea cards are a contrast between acting more seriously and acting less seriously.

The Sky and Earth cards are a contrast between losing hope (for now) and not losing hope.

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Here the 4 cards are telling us how the solution/outcome is in our hands.


In the 7 of Fire, we are told that if our cause is just, we will have the upper hand.

In the 7 of Sea, we are told that if we are careful, we will be able to see through the deceiving illusions.

In the 7 of Sky, we are told that if we don't get distracted, we won't be deceived by sneaky people.

In the 7 of Earth, we are told that if we are patient and persistent, we will achieve our goal.

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In all 4 cards, the cats are facing an uncontrollable 'force' coming from within themselves.


In the 8 of Fire, the cat is controlled by an impulsion, resulting in a sudden burst of energy.

In the 8 of Sea, the lost cat is being consumed by his feelings, who unexpectedly crept to the surface.

In the 8 of Sky, the cat is being caught up by irrational fear.

In the 8 of Earth, the cats are learning to be in control.

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Here we are dealing with dualities.


In the 9 of Fire, the cats show how it's possible to achieve success and happiness through collective effort.

In the 9 of Earth, the cat show how it's possible to achieve success and happiness while staying on your own.


In the 9 of Sea, the cat is having beautiful dreams.

In the 9 of Sky, the cat is having terrifying nightmares.

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I do not agree on the 2s. The common theme here seems to be to stick with what you have. Water drinks from the fountain right there, ignoring the sea in the back (smart move, as salt water is bad). Earth sits still so the fruits won't fall down, despite there being many others in the back. Fire looks out the door but stays in the safety of the home,  avoiding the death traps free ranging cats can face. And wind turns in disgust from the lookout, meowing to the sky that it can keep its secrets.

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