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Intro To Astrology In The Rws & Thoth

Rose Lalonde

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That's as far as we've gotten in the mentorship section. We'll probably do another reading with no spread positions, just 3 or 5 cards laid out in a row. And then wrap it up! It went on longer than expected, but this fabulous student was interested and hard working!





To wrap up, here are a few resources, I mentioned while we were discussing things.


This page by Robert Palmer on the Biddy tarot site has a quick one page overview that covers the basics of Golden Dawn astrology in tarot.


For in depth information, skyscript.co.uk is a classical astrology site, so focuses on the same astrology the Golden Dawn included. It has great articles.


Fortune's Wheelhouse podcasts, which looks at esoteric symbols on the RWS and Thoth cards.


DanielJUK mentioned on the forum that the modern astrology book The Only Astrology Book You Will Ever Need was uploaded by the author, so it's free to view online, and it does seem to cover a ton of info in an organized way.  I've linked you to page 256, if my linked works correctly, because that's where it starts talking about planets in combination with different signs. But of course you can flip to any part of the book. [For readers who are used to working with modern astrology, this will include the planets only visible by telescope that the GD -- an my posts above -- did not.]

Not online, but the brand new Tarot Correspondences by T. Susan Chang has tables that include pretty much everything I covered. It also has engaging and relatable ways to incorporate correspondences (astrology and other systems) into your readings.


And not a book (although there is a great companion book, Book M), but one more plug for the Tabula Mundi Tarot, in which the art is intended to illustrate the astrological connections between cards in a way I find easier to remember than any list or table. You can see that best in the 3 card grouping images on the old Kickstarter. That deck is still available. <3

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Yes,thank you for this Rose Lalonde[/member] .  It always astounds me how the tarot, astrology, and the Qabbalah fit hand-in-glove with each other--although in theory .. the actual understanding is a lot harder, but seems to be a portal to higher thinking.


I've read some of it. Your correspondences are very interesting. Your exercises are very in vogue with me atm, and seem to evoke the abstract thinking & imagination that is the key to understanding the tarot and all.  I will certainly try some out.   

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I have only read through half of the first page, and wow!, Rose Lalonde, what a lot of work you put into this.  I will echo DanielJUK and thank you so much for all the work you put into this.  I'm also about to copy the pages out for my book where I keep important thoughts and information on card reading.  This is a wonderful resource and I'm thrilled to add it to my Shadow Book! 


T.Y.! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


edited to add: 


Okay, I've only read bits and pieces of things you typed up here, doing a quick run through of things.  Again, wow! you really did put a lot of work into this.  I have various books on this same subject that I've picked up over the years and I have also tried to incorporate it into my readings, though most of the times I do not do so.  However, I love this idea and I wanted to share with others that you can find these resources in books as well--but Rose really put the heart of it here and it is a wonderful resource to bookmark and save to check out and try to incorporate into your readings. 


Isn't it amazing and wonderful how so much can be seen in the cards?  They never cease to amaze me!


Rose, you are a gem here. :) <3

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Thanks all!  ;D


DanielJUK[/member] I forgot to put an @ sign in front of your username when I mentioned one of the online resources you pointed me to (The Only Astrology Book You will Ever Need) but thanks for that.


Luna[/member] yeah, I learned from books, and the only thing different for this was that I answered questions that came up and gave feedback on exercises... which is a bit lost when I just put the info posts up here without all the back and forth. But if anyone has questions or wants to post answers to an exercise, I figured I and other members like you could offer feedback if that's wanted.  :) Or they can PM me about going through these together in the mentor section if they want to hit it all.


I'm going to be away from the forum in December until Christmas, but will check in to see if anyone came by while I'm gone.  :)


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Many thanks again, Rose Lalonde.  You are a very sweet lady.  :thumbsup:  I only saw this post today as I've not been on for awhile.  I keep telling myself I'm going to make up the index cards, mark my cards, etc. and give it a go again, but haven't yet started.  Perhaps after the Christmas holidays and after all the Christmas decor is put away.  lol!


I just might take you up on asking you for help via PM if I do run into any issues.  Thank you again and Happy Holidays!  X/

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that was pretty cool, i will have to read it again later. pretty solid for the most part though it felt like it was drifting in sections G and H. I am fairly certain that sidereal time is being used for their astrology and that is why the courts are not aligned with the proper decans. Sidereal is always slipping further and further away, in some time those courts will be two decans off, and then one day the wrong zodiac altogether. does that mean we keep changing the reading of the cards or do we stick with the dates that Crowley put in libre 777 for ever?


i am always amazed at how popular theses decks are in the west, yet by and large the people using these decks prescribe to modern western astrology. I think this incompatibility is the foundation of a large part of the confusion about card meanings.


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Thanks for stopping by, whatsawhosit[/member]! I managed to miss your response so I'm pretty late. I think some of the confusion with RWS courts has to do with Waite's choice to make them look like the TdM rather than the GD courts, but yes using sidereal or modern planets or other approaches that differ from what went into creating the deck we're working with can cause a bit of a disconnect from what we see in the art. (Personally I stick close to Crowley, so my answer to your rhetorical question is 777 forever! :D ;) as you could probably tell, but after saying, "Here's what the GD did," I'm done. I'm not trying to say "Here's what you should do," to anyone.)

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i'm re-reading it again, it is quite good. :)


do you have any plans for this piece? or is it just for us?


i've spent so little time with the RWS...i think I read too many of Waite's books first.


I personally think and am fairly certain if one is not practicing magic specific to the GD it does not matter which card is where or what is assigned. So long as all the cards are present. That sidereal thing is a long standing argument for astrologers as well. These decks were created as they were discovering the new planets. Crowley in particular clung to the old ways for sure and I think the differences we see are their disagreements as the occult world shifted.

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This is really amazing, thank you so much! I've been looking to incorporate astrology into my tarot practice but none of the guides I found really explained the correspondences, so thank you for your hard work delineating all of this!

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