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Clickable Qabalah site - visual index to Thoth & RWS

Rose Lalonde

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If you haven't seen it, there's a site I've referred to often that uses the hermetic Tree of Life as the visual index to the deck. Instead of starting with a card, you start with the Tree, and clicking on part of it will show you the corresponding cards and Golden Dawn color scales.


(All explanatory text is by Crowley, regardless of which version you select, but if that's not your interest, it's worth a look for the rest.)


Tree correspondences there from Crowley and the Golden Dawn:

Thoth version

RWS version


Site also has Tree correspondences according to Court de Gébelin, Eliphas Levi and Frater Achad. (For these the TdM majors and RWS minors come up. I don't refer to those so wouldn't know if there are issues with them.)


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