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Personality & Soul cards using Ceccoli

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I just started working through Mary K. Greer's Tarot for Yourself book and discovered my Personality and Soul cards. Does everyone already know how to do this? I thought it might be fun to start looking at the deck with something simple like this.


I have to say, after I did the calculations, I pulled my "Personality" and "Soul" cards from ALL of my decks and just by LOOKING at the artwork (not thinking about Tarot history and whatnot), I honestly feel like the Ceccoli Tarot illustrations nailed my Personality & Soul, more so than any other deck, including the traditional Rider-Waite.


Would love to know what others find.


According to Greer's book, calculations are:


"Personality" card:


    Add up your birthdate like this:


    Day + Month + Year = ####

    Then add the 4 digits together: #+#+#+#=# (or ##)

    (add the two digits together if OVER 21)


    Example (me): Jan 7 1966 = 1+7+1966 = 1974 = 21 (World)


"Soul" card:


    Same as your personality card if single digit. If double-digit, add them together.


    Example (me): 21 = 2+1=3 (Empress)


There's an additional "Hidden Factor" card Greer discusses in her book, which she gives according to a chart I don't know how she calculates. Mine is the "Hanged Man," and I'd be happy to look up anyone else's if they're interested. That's why my photo shows three cards below.


I'll post my thoughts about my cards below.



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Okay, so my cards are


Personality: 21 World

Soul: 3 Empress

Hidden Factor: 12 Hanged Man (I won't go into this here)


My thoughts


The World as my personality

In the traditional Rider-Waite, the illustration makes me think of a Person Who Marches To The Beat Of His/Her Own Drum. (will simplify to "she/her" for my thoughts).


This person's "out there." Not afraid to dance naked in the middle of the blue sky, summoning Power, Vision, Will, and Strength. Being as out-there as she is, she's got a pretty unique perspective on things. Which is good! But maybe also... isolating?


I feel like the "isolating" aspect of this card is really amplified by the Ceccoli illustration of the girl standing in the pretty snowglobe with her hands pressed against the glass. Yeah, she's got a unique perspective, but dang if it doesn't set her apart and make her feel separated from the rest of the world. She can't really shake things up. How can the person trapped inside the glass globe shake things up? She can just observe, understand, and react. Right?


I'm not saying this is the traditional RW interpretation of The World card. Just my thoughts about the artwork in Ceccoli, and how pertinent it is to the idea that this is my "personality" card. Because, ya. I lived most of my life pretty different from most folk, yet afraid to shake things up. I simply wasn't in that kind of space. I was in my own unique little bubble: observing, analyzing, reacting.


The Empress as my soul card

I was a little surprised at this card being my 'soul' card because I never had children. But I had desperately wanted to, at one point. And I'd grown up as 'the little momma,' nurturing dolls, pets, strays, underdogs, etc. And becoming caretaker of relatives and animals in my adult life. But I'm also a fountain of creative ideas, and maybe that's where my "empress" strength really lies: in the fertility of ideas.


Anyway, I LOVE the Ceccoli illustration of The Empress.


If that's not me, I don't know what is. A girl, by herself, sitting on the ground, with a magnifying lens to the tiniest little insects around her. She's analyzing and recognizing the inter-connectedness of all things on this planet.


I feel like this is much more my "soul" than the traditional RW illustration, which seems very... matronly to me. Not that aren't aspects of that card that completely match my inner being: the strong connection to the earth being foremost.


Well, I feel I've gone on long enough, as who knows if anyone's reading this thread? But I'd love to hear from others about their own personality and soul cards, traditional vs. Ceccoli. I do think there's SOME kind of method to the Ceccoli Major Arcana. I don't know that I'd say the same about the pip cards. I feel like those are pretty... random.




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I don't have my copy of Tarot for Yourself on hand but have done these calculations in the past.


My personality card is Judgement (11)

My soul card is The High Priestess (2)

My shadow card is Judgement (20)


I tend to see a lot of my tendency to support equality/fairness in Judgement. It's something that has always been part of my personality and I have fought for as a queer person. I hate seeing injustice, although I often feel powerless to do anything about it.


The High Priestess is a sticky one for me. I was very spiritual in my teens and twenties, but now consider myself an atheist. However I still identify strongly with her feminine power and keeping of sacred knowledge (I am a lifelong learner and especially interested in disciplines like psychology). I am unsure whether this return to tarot will reconcile me with the spiritual aspects somewhat.


I'm not too sure what to make of Judgement, which is something I should probably meditate on!


smittenkitten 🐱

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