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anyone want to talk , shoot the breeze, 2019.

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hail guys


karaoking speaking..


i sang the saturday before chrismtas eve,, the night before chrismtas eve (not by intent but by request by buddy) ..

and christmas eve.


the songs i had on my christmas karaoke was about 3 hours worth .. and that wasnt' singing every song.

i learned new songs ,,

christmas blues by dean martin..

even santa get the blues by marty stuart

boogie woogie santa clause original old (santa comes down from the mountain )

fairytale of new york.  originally from bill murray christmas special for me.. jimmy fallon sang it,, the really original version came from 80s perhaps ? 


so i was singing saturday before christmas.. (my buddy was like come onman, it isnt' chrismas yet ) ..

the day before christmas eve..

and christmas eve . 1


i then sang saturday,, and then new years eve . and new years day..

since christmas was over,, didnt' sing any ..

except baby its cold outside, as it is a winter song..

and fairy tale of new york, as i found a female to sing it with , just changed c hristmas eve to new years . 


then i had to heal from all the festivities.  cut the sauceout for a couple of weeks at least.

though royal rumble comes on june 27.


my mom video chated me christmas day, asking if i was up to coming or should she just send me money.. (she was getting emotional when i said no i am up to coming.. )  we had a good supper.. good desert..


with the money she gave me,, i brought tons of games for ps4  off psn sale.

1. madness of dr dekker.

2. shapeshifting detective.

both i recommend,, though i got them for 12 ,and 8 bucks each.

3. diablo 3. still d ownloadingi t.

4.  obsver (havne't tried it yet ) still downloading.

5. torments tides of normenia , ok game,, based on pillers of eternity.

6. impact winter good game,, time consuming due to micromaning.

7.Dark Rose Valkyrie


i also brought bunker but dont' recomned it.. it has only one playthoguh.

and virgina , didn't even finsih it,, no voice,, no text.. no interaction.. so i took them both off the computer.


looking forward to godzilla,, avengers..

venomn dvd (it was pushed back over here to jan 8)..

and waiting for aquaman to come out on dvd.


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Hi hi!


I’m currently doing the insomnia thing, I’ll probably be up for ages tonight! I’ve been rewatching supernatural and doodling like crazy - like to watch tv while doing something else at the same time :thumbsup:


I’m useless at gaming, but I do love karaoke! Haven’t been in ages though, I should change that soon! I’m a champion shower singer though, I’m pretty sure my entire building has heard me at some stage X-D


Currently a little immobile, still waiting for my stupid toe to heal up - which is probably not helping the energy/madness levels, hence the persistent insomnia! Still, I have my cards and my doodles to keep me occupied, and the occasional book!


I love action flicks though, especially all the Godzilla movies (even when they’re bad, they’re good)! I wanted to rewatch Thor Rags today, but it’s not on Netflix here *sobs quietly in the corner* - so I totally feel your Avengers vibes

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and he sings too. Be still my heart, Holmes is in the room :)


Here is a weird thing.

When we first got wi-fi I paid for 15 GB a month. Reading the news, weather and my quilt forum and tarot forum would eat a lot of that so I'd wait till a few days before roll over and do some youtube stuff.

Once, I was on Pinterest and went over and it cost me another 15 dollars!! I was so pissed at myself.


Anyway, fast forward 10 years, and ATT has kept gifting me more GBs and I'm now up to 65GB a month. Watching out for the old cutoff is a hard habit to break, I've still never used more than 25 in a month.


This morning I went to Pinterest for the first time in years...I can see it would be pretty addictive, not going back :)


I do try to limit myself to 2 hours-ish a day online though, discounting pandora time, I'll probably never use up 65GB.


That is all the news of note here in Kalama Holmes, thanks for all your big brained posts.


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oh yes,, before I got satellite, I would buy a dvd set..

I am just going to watch one espiode,, 4 espiodes and daylight later.. eyes glazedover, I best get to bed..

hence when Netflix releases all espiodes at once,, I go crazy, like when daredevil or sabring was released at once there I was to splurge.


on netflix i watched all 3 netflix cartoons,, i was let down initially for the last one but i went with it,, it was ok in the end..

I even brought shin godzilla alas , there was no battle but still good.

i like to watch/read tings like ten sillly godzilla moments or 10 awesome godzilla moments..

things like the godzilla drop kick , the splash,, and the moment where he fired his breat upwards and stopped that asterioid  was it ?


karoake speaking

in the previous thread,, so just to recap,, i got a hard drive with thousands of songs off ebay,, then i got a karaoke player,, but it only plays unziipped files so in the year since i got it , i spent unzipping songs on anohter hard drive,,i even make an halloween list, and christmas list..

in fact chrismtas eve i was in my glory singing christmas songs after christmas song ..

even now i got my eye on karaoke download to update songs.. songs aren now 2.99 canadian a piece.


gig speaking..

i only have 3 gigs on my phone why ?

in my area there was a turbo hub deal 100 gigs for 64..i tried it,, check it out,, and got anoher..

so i pay 120 for 200 gigs a month,,


they reset every 12 of the month, so i am now downloading diablo 3 evil edition which was finsihed earlier,, now doing the observer.. and tomorow i restart with fresh 100 gigsll which 50 to 60 usually go in 2 weeks if no big patch for any call of duty.


i am off to town later, and goingto by venom , and get the usual food.



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Hahaha I am also terrible at Netflix in moderation! They were made to binge watch, imho :)) any full season I have not yet seen? I will not sleep until it is done haha, same with books though, when they’re good, sleep is not as appealing!


I haven’t even seen the cartoon versions on Netflix how have I not know about this?? Clearly I have been under a rock, guess what tonight is going to entail! New movies await! Though I will temper my expectations for number three now I have fair warning, good to know :thumbsup:


And wowowowow so many songs! But unzipping them all must be an exercise in patience sheeeesh. Still, cheaper than spending lord knows how much for 3CAD a pop! Plus my karaoke entails the actual karaoke bars, so that’s always a price anyways, maybe should look at getting a home version now I actually have a tv (we can thank my housemate for that one, went a year without one before that lol)


Also Sharyn, 15 bucks for Pinterest is highway robbery, you should be able to report that as a crime :o I mean, it’s addictive, but soooooo not worth that much, you must have been horrified when you found out!

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today is the royal rumble !!

the second rumble with woman having their royal rumble.. so they have to work extra hard,, last year it was a kind of novelty,, with many legends,, one surpise in vicki guerro, and anticipation if Rhonda rousey would be in it..


this year , I expect not so many legends,, but more of the current ladies wrestling there is 7 woman not yet announced..

funny I am still more excited for the ladies then the men rumble.


I did a 3x3 lenny reading I think it went rather well for a member here..


I am playing with the idea of doing lenny readings for celebrities here..and maybe events. mostly because I hate reading for myself.


i watched the predators, it was good,, thoght it was kind of silly with the doctor played by olivia munn chasing that predator with a tranquilor gun.

i also loved venom.. too bad they did it without the spiderman inferences.. as for years he was spider man number one nemesis.


last night i did some singing,, i found i had some throat problems but still carried on,, maybe a cold coming on..


oh yeah on netflix halfway through the titians i love it.. their new take on it..


alas i made the mistake of watcing the first espiode with a 8 year old,,  in five minutes a lady get a bullet through the the head.. he got up and punch the air in anger,, and the show showed her lying htere, and he sat there with tears in his eyes i don't want to watch this anymore.. whic surpised me for he watched the meg..

ten again it was agraphic the way they did it,,


so i put on a cartoon instead..  two years ago, i was watching and put on the goonies,, when the guy with the messed up face got up and made a noise,, he went running into the bathroom.

so that is two times he was trautmaized watching tv shows with me.



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Satellite is so much better than DVD sets, Holmes. It's more non-committal and you don't have to think about where to store an extra box. Just that one-time installment.

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Busy man HOLMES.  :thumbsup:


Am doing my good deed for the year and am buying some limited edition Tarots for my collection. Have my sights on 2 for sure, but am considering one more. The two I will be getting should be here in about 2 or 3 weeks time as from abroad.


The only Tarot I bought last year was Visconti something, so well overdue.


I also have a number of items coming throughout the year that I am really excited about. Some will never come to Australia via retail and some in 20 to 30 years could be worth something or absolutely nothing. Going off of some trends some seem to have been sold within 6 months to 2 years marked up quite a bit. For me, it is like Tarot, as in liking something like the art or colors so that is what draws me. Something about it is the lure.


I bumped into my elderly neighbor and her friend today. This is the 93 old that fell and had no help for 13 to 15 hours. Poor old lamb. I actually fought the landlord to get her a keybox on the outside (for the ambulance or certain neighbors) and also made them fumigate her place as 9 weeks closed up with spilled food attracted cockroaches.


The fumigation was done 3-5 days after I requested it and the key box was installed within the last week or so. She is absolutely happy and settling right back in. They were so thankful that last week when he saw a domestic package addressed to me sitting in the lobby - he scooped it up and delivered it to my door. Not light either. Sometimes it is a true blessing when you do something with no expectations and in return you get the best gift of all - human kindness and generosity.


What else?


I think I want one week of just NOTHING - so I might actually do it. Shopping once, no going out and no Internet, TV, friends, family or anything. Maybe just books and writing. Not being productive would drive me crazy!!!


That is my chinwag for the 31st of January, 2019.





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it been a while since I posted on here,,


sunday is fast lane,, i think the elimination chamber was great for the tag team titles for the ladies,, but year before , a title was defended in the cage as well, and i was missing that equal opportunity..


so this pvp, the titles get defended, and some matches,, frankly for some reason i find fast lane to be kind of weak,, same with last years pvp leading into wrestlemania.


so i havne't done any tarot readings, or lenny readings in a while,, i been feeling kind of guilty as not at least practicing.. so i just offered 3 readings offers.


besides that , my shows have been on,, i will miss luke perry though in riverdale.


i did buy my mom a ps4,, and she has kingdom hearts,, however she is unable to keep up with fast games so we been lookign for puzzles for her.


i still sing karaoke on saturdays :).


as you can see from my post in chat,, i am exploring that bariatric surgery.


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yesterday , I went to my mom reserve and read tarot cards,, I was paid 200 honorioum so the community members got free readings,, and I got my 200 :).


the readings were great.. until the last one,,,

there was some good soup, and later on good food. like roast..


a person picked up their flute and played it,, (like native flutes if you look it up, ). 


that was good for I hadn't did a reading in a while besides the 3 card lenny I did last week.

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I picked up the division 2 for ps4..

and so I been playing that,, having a blast.. it is 48 gig patch,

when I was at the hotel.. I downloaded that in one night.. big difference then my rural reserve.

quite addictive for I am only 20 but been playing that exclusiviey..


tis weekend is wrestlemania.. my friends and I planning a wrestlemania party..

my last one partaking of the kraken til Christmas.. for health reasons..


so that is why I haven't been around to do tarot readings,, or any readings.. I came back and I had 9 unread posts eheh.

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I'm glad to hear that while you've been away, you've been having a blast playing division 2! The wrestlemania party with your friends sounds like fun too! :D


I've been doing readings, and working. The readings have been fun!

There's a gem show this weekend. It's too far for me to be able to go to it, but my friend is going and she's going to try to find green selenite and rhodozite crystals for me.


Hope you have a great time at the wrestlemania party! <3

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so that is why I haven't been around to do tarot readings,, or any readings.. I came back and I had 9 unread posts eheh.

Holmes don't feel bad about the posts.  We've been really busy with new members!  They might not have found them, I find topics I started all the time with no replies.  I just delete them.  There are a lot of new people here that can really use some of your knowledge on posts they start.  ((

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I mean nines pages of unread posts eheh


I slept 4 hours yesterday afternoon so I had a request for a reading for 40 BUCKS !1

since she was an old friend,, she was patient when i used the lenormand cards..


i had to read up the numbers.. for when i read  here ,i simply past from the 3x3 lenormand thread..

then afteri remember the houses i layed out the lenormand..

it went well. she commented she felt the cards spoke to her better then the tarot.

it was about love so she picked gentelman

we used the blue bird lenormand.. the key felled  on the key.. i feel that hwen a card falls on its house it means more powerful message. i dont' know the odds but i figure they must be high.


i also did a 7 chakra spread afterwards to help her move forward to pick a more deserving man with the wizards tarot.


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today I realized it was a week of endings.


1. luke perry final filmed performance of fred Andrews on riverdale.


2. gotham series finale.


it is ten years in the future,  in fact the acteress who portrayed Selina kyle  since she was 14, in season one,, took herself out of the finale to let an older acteress portray her..


3. the got,,


it isnt' yet the series finale still four espiodes to go,, however in this espiode.. on sunday will be some certain death for some ..



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hello guys 


big bang theory is over ,, I was left feeling emotional over it for about 4 minutes ,, my friend messaged me about that time "you best not be crying bastard ". (good friend eheh ). 


this is a big year , big bang , gotham, games of thrones over ,, 

next year arrow is ending, who knows could be last of the flash, and supergirl if they die in the cross over.. 

which means new crop must come.. 

I remember reading of the one year they cut out all country shows , to make way for new programs.. I think that is a cycle which happens every now and then. 


besides that , I ordered two books in the mail, harmonica play along.. , for years I struggled with the hoochie coochie man like.. 

 the lick is often refered to as the same as manish boy, they are actually different !! 

basically it goes like..

hoochie , 13134 . 

mannish 141321. 

but played fast they sound the same almost 

so the real reason why I got these books is to get the absolute authority o the subject.. . 


I went to a ceremony yesterday.. on the way there, a truck towing a trailer , and a boat had captailized so the trailer was right in the middle of the road,, they had to stop traffic and get a tow truck there to clear it so we can get by.. it held up traffic for an hour. ! 


I haven't done any lenormand readings. (no one has taken any) I have moved on from the 6x6 grand t I was attempting to study and now moved into the 4 x9 which makes more sense to me as I can dvide the cards up into 4 levels of being. . 


I also connected with a long lost online friend recently :) 

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i been playing divinity 2 the definitive edition for ps4.  

I am the undead fane,,and on the 7 alter aisle, I been trying to be good . eheh 


I also got my harmonica books ,, blues classics, the harmonica songbook  (the big one with licks and such ),  the muddy waters harmonica .. 

see I was confused by the hoochie coochie man lick. 

if you look on you tube, you see it as ..

a d a c a ,

so I got the hoochieman in book and it said it was..

e gg a .. 

the other book said it was eg eg a.. 

so finally I just went with egeg a. which was first said by a pianoa video on you tube. 

so I just spent an hour doing this..(I am notoriously bad on rhtym,, said  you take your drum machine and you have all those fills, upbeats,, hi hats.. which is the beat grr ). 

I put the casio piano to different beats..

play a verse of hoochie coohie man ,, change the beat, in 80 tempo,, play next verse.. 

getting bored after 40 minutes of it 

I did the im a man ,, owever it isnt'so easy to switch verses there..

then I did the mannish boy .. (I got it on rocksmith dlc so I play that on my keyboard ).. 

and ended off on the hoochie man.. 

I been singing these every weekend  on karaoke . one version of hoochie ,, be eric ,  one be the original muddy,, one be jeff healey version off  roadhouse. 

I even listened to eric Clapton hoochie , the live version he did it on guitar,, but there is another version I got somewhere  with he plays with with harmonica so I been focusing on that. 


I did a mediumship reading out of the blue,, with soul tiding truth cards from Africa long ago,, sent to me by a friend..

all the person said was thank you.. I asked last night if it was any connection, I didn't get a response.. so I am used to feedback, now I dont' know if it was any good. 




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hey guys, tomorrow is my reflexology course starts.. it will run for a whole week !! 


last night I sung karaoke as per usual, my drunk cusin came over and he wasnt' too drunk so let him sing a couple a songs,, :).. 

he enjoyed me doing the doors .


I brought captain marvel going to watch it today..


I been playing divinity 2 original sin , the definitive edition,, 

and because it was marked dow to 19.99 instead of 79.99 I brought battlefield 5 , and was trying to learn to snipe in that game. 


beside that,, been practicing hoochie coochie man,.  not much else to report here..

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I been studying all week,, 

I got the charts that were given down.. (the endocrine system, I knew but they added an extra one hypothalamus ) 

the musketal system . 

the  digest organs,, ( had to learn sigmoid colon was not Sigmund colon ) 

and particular thoridic and cervical and lumber system for instep of foot along spine reflex.. 

I can honestly say last Saturday I did not know these things ,, having to focus on learning hering law of cure.. and gate way theory..

so tomorrow I think I will do ok on my exam.. 80 percent is  passing grade.. 

75 dollars to take test again. 

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I was awaken up at 630 by drunk , darn it.. so I tried to go back to sleep for the test.. 

the test was mostly true or false, multiple choices which to me were half trick questions..

and then fill in the diagrpham,, 

fill in some parts of the feet.. 

and write one essay question..

and then fill in a foot if you were treating some sypmtoms (which is done afterwards as reflexologists have to do the whole system first in rac ). 

I think I may of failed due to true of false ,, which was like the liver does this or that.. 

I focused on the diagraphams and the reflexology systems of immune,, muskeltel.  

I did nail the diagraphsm,, the treat the foot if client had this,, and the essay question I think, will let you know hwen I know. 

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the test itself hasn't been received yet by the instructor   which boggles my mind as it is only 4 hours away. 

I did my practicum on a reflexologist,, as I did the it.. we went over some finer points.. 

and she said I was "well taught " and I explained I wasn't taught that much pratically ,, I laid down while she described the right foot for my back was sore, and I was quite tried. 

I basically took what I knew and used the cheat sheet for the routine.. much easier then going step by step in the book . 

she commented again on my healing ability,, saying soon I as I found the pitritary gland she felt it,, and when I worked on aohter spot , she felt the healing energy up.. 


I noticed  , she spent a lot of time on my right foot but not so much o the left foot,, same with the instructor working the right foot,, but only pointing out the differences on the left . 

then it occurred to me as I thought about it that , the reflexlogistis goes trough the whole routine,, then come back and check for tenderness,, which in theory , and probably practically should of lessen though treating the whole foot. 

then you can go back and work on the tender areas , working the whole system that corresponds,, maybe nervous,, or  muskeltolal system. 


I did see in the case study at the back,, that it would  seem you would almost do ttwo treatments on the foot.. , that is why the routine needs to be more mechanlica..,, so you can do the the fine tuning in the second pass.  (still doing a whole routine almost lasted me an hour and half )


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what a day,, (nothing really eventful ) . 


got up at 6 am,, (wasn't my goal) . 


made it down the hill for wellness camp,, we had a reiki master, who said they don't do the healing,, the person who is on the table does the healing.. , 

so at the end of the session she said , any questions, and I said I dont' have any questions I have something to say,, after stuttering, I asked can I have the mic.. and she hestited a second then said yes. (the wellness camp is at my community). 

I shared that that is true but also the creator works through the reiki ,, it is the creator who does the healing ,, for when focus on the mental , symbol, or highly spiritual symbols,, we are praying for the creator to send that healing down.. . 

and the reiki master said yes,, there are four levels of healing.. 


so I went to town to try to buy gazebo sunwalls, I had no idea they are so expensive.. almost as espensive as a Ozark gazebo 10 x 10 itself. 


so just to recap,, I brought a 2000 blueray hd karaoke  player and over a the year and half,, I have added to the hard drive,, fine tuning songs, , 

and I told the health director before he quit , that we need a new lap top,, speakers,, and a mixer.. 

well today one of them wouldnt' work,, and there was smoke or something I wasnt' there,, 

I was asked to bring down my machine.. 

and we tried this orange chord into the speakers (some sort of speaker mixer combo ) that surpsingly worked. 


so I was the  karaoke dj for the rest of the night from 7 to 940.. 

and it worked out well I think.. 


oh yes , I GOT 86 on my written exam for reflexology now I just have to do my practicum. 

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12 hours ago, HOLMES said:

oh yes , I GOT 86 on my written exam for reflexology now I just have to do my practicum. 

Congrats, that does sound like an eventful day to me!!! Well done dear @HOLMES ❤️

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