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Golden Dawn's Opening of the Keys/Thoth Deck


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Anyone else done this method of reading? It's a 5 operation method that takes me at least an hour and is very intensive. But I've fallen in love with Tarot as a result.


I also love the Thoth deck but I can't imagine it works well for typical methods especially small spreads. It's just such a complex deck and is frankly pretty dark. It's easy to get very depressing readings without a larger context.


I really enjoyed the thread about astorology by Rose Lalonde[/member] but I thought I should do my own thread since it's a wide topic.

Rose, you are absolutely right. The tarot for the GD/Crowley is all about correspondences and the deck is as much a teaching tool for the correspondences as it is divination. Going thru all 5 operations is an initatory experience and I find myself even after only two run thrus starting to think in terms of elements/suits in particular in my magic and in my daily life.


Rose, I also loved how you said that some correspondences in a spread can be "quiet", sometimes the artwork itself speaks more loudly (to continue the analogy). That's such a good way to put it.its what makes interpration so challenging in the opeining of the keys. You can get a pretty long spread of 7 or more cards that are merely in sequence and thus could be read dozens of different ways. Maybe you look more at elements, maybe more planets, maybe art maybe the name, maybe the esoteric meanings. But that's why I love it so much. It's just like myth and life, particularly scriptures. They can be read a hundred ways.





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Hi MysticMagus[/member].  :)


Yes, better for the ootk to get its own thread rather than be buried at the bottom of another! As you said it's a wide topic that incorporates many aspects of reading, plus the history and some variations of the method.


My habit has been to stop at the end of the first operation, and I haven't gone through all 5. Usually when I read for myself I lay 3 or 5 cards in a line with no positions. Often with the Thoth or the Thoth-faithful Tabula Mundi (my favorite deck). But once in a while when an issue seems complicated, I'll turn to the ootk (or a 10 card Tree of Life spread). I find the counting, pairing, and detail in the ootk helpful for pinning down the different moving parts of the issue.


Thanks for sharing your experience with it and the ways it's been helpful! Sorry that I have nothing to add about doing all 5 operations, but I'll be keeping an eye out for future replies here. (Do you listen to the Fortune's Wheelhouse podcasts that discuss symbolism on the Thoth and RWS by chance? I ask because the associated facebook group for listeners is active with many who share a strong interest in the Thoth and GD esoteric correspondences.)

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"Do you listen to the Fortune's Wheelhouse podcasts...."

No, Ill definitely check it out, thanks! I just started with Tarot and it has opened up a whole new understanding for me.

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This is a really great thread for seeing some very quality interpretation of some Thoth cards. That's what I need to work the most of is my interpretations. I was particularly impressed by incorporation of the tree of life.



It also shows how hard a longer spread with at least double that amount of cards.

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I've only done the full OOTK a couple of times over my four-plus decades of using the Thoth deck. I generally stick with the first couple of operations, stopping after the initial counting and pairing steps. I find the astrological and Tree of Life segments to be a case of "information overload." If I'm really pressed for time, I just do the "find the significator" step and treat it as an elemental signature - basically a precursor - for the performance of another kind of spread (usually the Celtic Cross). Depending on the suit/element it emphasizes, I approach the actual reading with that quality as an undercurrent or touchstone.


I haven't found the Thoth to be problematic for small spreads, but then I seldom do small spreads. Even when Crowley's titles for the small cards don't really fit the situation, the evocative mood of the artwork often does.

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