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Less than 3 Cards?

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I used to think one card readings were cheap, how can you get info from one card !


I like to do a one card, to 3 cards now and then.. but for me while I read with what I get from the flow of energy, after it ends  I dont' try to stretch it out.

so it is more then a glance,,but also not as deep as a 6 card reading.

that said..


I find one card readings experience has help me to both deepen a reading when I need in a 5 plus card spread.. and also to be more quicker when doing them so I don't throew the phonebook sort to speak at a reading when I used to..


I also find I describe the card images more.. then I used to..

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Absolutely can you get a in depth, insightful reading from one card!  Each card has myriad shades of meaning - if you look at how each meaning applies to your question, you'll get an extremely comprehensive look at every aspect of the situation at hand.

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