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1 The Magician


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Here's the Magician! The book says "All the power you need is within you. Seize your own magic and use your will to make changes in your world."


Hmm. The girl on this has leopard feet and a tail, indicating she may be more powerful than she looks. She's also seeing through the mask with one eye, so maybe she's seeing from two perspectives? She's also got a bird in a cage - did she catch it or conjure it? She seems confident and knowledgeable to me.


On another note, this is the mini version of The Ceccoli, and I'm kind of disappointed in the quality. It looks like Vistaprint business cards - lower line screen and cut crooked. I should have gone ahead and gotten the full size, maybe the quality is better?


I also put this one beside the Beautiful Creatures, which has a young witch practicing her spells; and the Joie de Vivre which seems to hit all the traditional meanings including the possibility he's a charlatan.



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There's not a whole lot going on in the imagery of this card, so the focus really is on the mask she has and the way it's positioned half over her face. I see the use of a mask in this depiction of the Magician as playing into the two-faced, trickster meaning.


The Magician is the kind of person who likes to masquerade, it's all a part of their illusion. She can appear as the young girl, pretty and innocent or is she really the leopard, bearing its teeth.

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I get trickery, secrets, illusion, and "don't show your cards" from this.  She has leopard feet, but a human body and face.  But a leopard mask to pretend to be a leopard... Is she a leopard pretending to be a human pretending to be a leopard? Very diversionary. 

The expression on her face, I think this is the only one in the deck that doesn't look glum.  This girl looks confident, like she has a big powerful secret and she is confident that no one has the slightest clue that she is really MUCH more powerful than she looks.  She keeps a straight face as to not give anyone a reason to wonder about her, or to look twice at her.  "Nothing to see here... 👀"

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