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Saturn Celeste

#56 Favs - Nine of Pentacles

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Saturn Celeste

Today is the 9 of Pentacles!  Upload, share a link, or just describe your favorite card!


My card is from the Ceccoli Tarot.  The images don't usually fit the card meaning but I thought this one comes pretty close.



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Day Soleil

I love that 9 Pent in the Ceccoli deck too - love how she shares the eye of the swan in her lap.


Of course, I love almost EVERY 9 Pentacles card I've ever seen. It's almost always my favorite, so I don't think I could pick just one, but here are some that stand out:


Dreamkeepers: that red dress! Plus, the landscape looks exactly like the entrance to my "secret garden" of wild plums and chokecherries.


Secret Tarot - love her confident pose, the sweeping landscape, and the art style in general. Interesting no bird. Or maybe I just can't see it? Another deck I want, but don't have.


Shadowscapes - love the trees growing through the piano and use of shells. I just ordered this deck, so don't know much about it.


I just saw the Osho Zen card of "ripeness" that I THINK is 9 Pent? I don't have that deck either. AAAGH! WANT


I also really love this simple ink sketch of 9 pentacles I found online: https://diegogabriele.art/products/tarot-illustration-nine-of-pentacles-second-subject


Sorry for the excess, lol




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Guest Night Shade

Mine is from the Celtic Dragon Tarot.  I love its "all's right with the world" feeling


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