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Decks that came CLOSE to hitting the mark for you....but missed


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For me, it's the Ostara Tarot. It is objectively very beautiful, but because it's a collaborative deck, there are some art that I like and resonate more with than others. I often find myself wishing that the deck were entirely illustrated by one or two of the artists. When I use the deck, I find myself distracted by the differences in the art, so I don't use it much except around spring time and only out of some sense of obligation. Which is why I'm giving it away.


I've had my eye on this deck for ages. I think you've just de-enabled me after I was tempted by it again yesterday!

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That's a shame! These things can change, though - try it again in future, and you might find it suddenly clicks.  :)


It really is, Wanderer.


Very true. I do hope so.

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Thought I'd revive this topic, even though I have nothing new to add (haven't gotten a new deck since I started this thread 🙂


Curious to know of anyone who has gotten a deck in the past or lately that JUST missed the mark re a READING deck.

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