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78 Weeks of Tarot: 7 of Swords


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For information on what these threads refer to, see this thread;


78 Weeks of Tarot - Informational Thread


The above linked thread gives suggested dates for the cards as well as links to the individual topics.


Some of us may be working through the study in a different order and using different decks. If you have general questions or comments regarding the 78 Weeks of Tarot study group, please post in the topic in the above link.


Have fun.

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Everyday Witch Tarot (D.Blake & E.Alba 2017 Llewellyn)


Seven of Swords


Description; What action is going on:

A hooded person has taken five swords and is sneaking away. She is walking by and glancing at two other swords that are left hanging on the wall. Maybe she'd like to take them as well.


Images, Symbolism, Colours:

She is wearing a lovely blue embroidered cape and hood. The color and the pattern is the same that is worn by people in all the Swords cards. Maybe it means they are all from the same tribe/clan?

This card has lovely jewel colors, royal blue, velvety green, reds, purples. Very royal colors and materials, almost as if this person was a member of a royal family -but is perhaps bitter of not being the heir.


Traditional meanings (J. Bunning):

-running away, leaving, sneaking off, avoiding obligations

-preferring solitude, staying aloof

-hidden dishonour, covering your tracks, being two-faced

-lying or stealing


From the EW Book:

-Warning to be alert

-The situation you are in may be more complicated than you realise

-“La,la,la..nothing to see here.”



-This is exactly the kind of “Clever Hunter” 7 of Swords card that I like! I enjoy the visual luxury of the card, the colors, the interior of the stone castle, the soft carpets, bookshelves, everything

-I got this card in a reading in the ISG exchange circle this week. I think this card is spot on for a family reunion where secrets are boiling under a civilized surface. Something about to happen where some people may get hurt so one has to be cautious. I love what OutoftheAshes said about this: “It’s all fun and games till someone gets hurt”. That sums up the card perfectly.

-This card warns of feeling special and harbouring “the world owes me”-feelings.



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