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78 Weeks of Tarot: 2 of Wands


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For information on what these threads refer to, see this thread;


78 Weeks of Tarot - Informational Thread


The above linked thread gives suggested dates for the cards as well as links to the individual topics.


Some of us may be working through the study in a different order and using different decks. If you have general questions or comments regarding the 78 Weeks of Tarot study group, please post in the topic in the above link.


Have fun.

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Deck: Fairytale Tarot


Card name: Two of Wands


First impressions:


We see a large goat with big horns ready to attack a very ugly hairy troll with gigantic ears at the sides of his narrow head and two fangs coming out of his mouth. Behind them is a stone bridge over a river, where two other goats watch what’s happening. Behind them is a beautiful green grassy area with some trees. The sky is partly cloudy.


I’m a little unclear what the message is here.


From the book:


Keywords and phrases: A modest achievement; wanting more – “the grass is greener”; striking out but not too far.


The Two of Wands is about achievement, but of a limited kind. This can mean that dissatisfactions with restrictions are also present. This card is likely to indicate making the next move in a somewhat cautious or conservative plan.


The original story:


“The Three Billy Goats Gruff,” in Popular Tales from the Norse, by George Webb Dasent

Traditional meanings (from TarotElements.com):


Being in control; dynamism; centeredness; losing control; dominating another or a situation; courage of your conviction; seeing the big picture; having great vision; wanting more; not being satisfied with your lot; focusing your intent. In its negative aspect, self-doubt; loss of control; scattered energy; abuse of power; claustrophobia; being dominated; greed; covetousness; feeling powerless; disrupted plans & interruptions.


From 78 Degrees of Wisdom, by Rachel Pollack:


A card of great success, even greater than the three of Wands, yet the card does not carry the same contentment as the three. Here one’s accomplishments serve only to wall one in. The wands love of battle leave one with no real satisfaction in actual accomplishments when the battle has been won.


My impressions of the card/story combination:


When I first looked at the card, I thought it might represent the duality present in the 2’s, something like the billy goats on one hand and the troll on the other. But that idea doesn’t show up in Karen’s interpretation of the card, which left me a little unsatisfied. I just didn’t really get the whole grass is greener thing as a definition for this card. Then I read what Rachel Pollack had to say about the 2 of Wands, and I didn’t love that either. So I spent some quality time on the Internet searching for what others had to say about this card, and putting it together with what I think, and I’m finally getting somewhere.


A common idea is that 2’s are all about choice, which makes sense to me. So the 2 of Wands could be about choosing between two things you really want. It’s kind of a stretch to get this card to fit that definition, but I’m going to try.


My take (what I make of it/what I might see in a reading where I drew it):


I’m going to try to see this card as a moment of choosing between two things you really want, even though that isn’t what the card is meant to show. But if I try, I can think of the goats as really wanting to get to that greener grass and really wanting to stay away from the troll. We’ll see how that goes.


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Two of Wands – The Hermetic Tarot by Godfrey Dowson

Lord of Dominion




Significant Symbology and Meaning

  • Number 2
  • Element Fire (Flames)
  • Symbols for Aries and Mars
  • Two crossed wands
  • Names of Vehooel and Deneyal
  • Rams head
  • Two extra wands on top and bottom

The card shows two crossed wands, firmly grasped by a divine hand. From the junction point at which they cross, an explosion of fire emanates. The fire is powerful, full of the outpouring of creative energy. It is almost as if the bringing together of the two wands is what caused the friction that started the blaze. Both wands are topped with decorative rams heads, and tipped with a sphere and arrow. This reference to Aries and Mars is reinforced by the astrological symbols which are prominently displayed both on the top and bottom of the card – a reference to the balance that this card suggests is possible. The number two is generally linked to the idea of duality, but the wands are in harmony here (a product of being in Atziluth perhaps). The card suggests a requirement of opposites and duality, as well as the importance of balance in equal measure. The energy is very much in it’s own masculine dominion. The two extra wands on the top and bottom of the card may also pertain to that balance (or something else entirely), or else it is merely a throw-back to the flourishes from the Tarot de Marseille as the Golden Dawn evolved and built upon their tarot ideas.

The angels Vehooel and Deneyal are written in Hebrew. After going down an angelic rabbit hole, I had to stop. This will require more study time and resources than I have at my disposal this week. I can’t find much information about these specific two angels, and what I have found with ‘similar’ names only somewhat fits the context. I will have to investigate the Golden Dawn’s angel hierarchy in more detail at a later date, as it seems like a subject in and of itself.


Astrological Aspects

1st Decan of Aries, Mars in Aries (Cardinal/Fire). Astrologically this card deals with the passionate and enthusiastic nature of Aries, where the influence of Mars brings issues of power, strength and even leadership. The energy of ‘ego’ as a concept of identity may be at play here. The energy is aggressive,  confident and clear in intent. The Lord of dominion is an apt title for this outpouring of energy.



Exploring the Tree of Life position

Chokmah (Wisdom)


The sephiroth of Chokmah is symbolised with the phallus, the line, the letter yod, and the wheel. The yod is the smallest letter in the Hebrew alphabet, a kind of ‘atom’ of the consonants – which fits into the idea of moving further into denseness. I’ve been thinking about how amazing it is that atoms are 99.9% empty space. This is in fact an oversimplification of the science. But if we consider the statement to be essentially true, how fitting it is that the 'yod' may symbolise that piece of the puzzle. That Chokmah brings to the table the element of secret wisdom adding to our 3D reality. The thing which brings us closer to full density. It is unsurprising that Chokmah is often spoken of in the context of the idea of reality, the subject of basic existence, lucid dreams, and meditation. What is real? What isn't? What does it matter?

The Phallus and line is an obvious link to the masculine energy of first differentiation of God, a reference to the story of Adam and Eve. Eve being born of Adams rib in the more well known story. Who came first it almost inconsequential, as both are required for creation. The male and female energies (the dualism of the number two) form a symbolic supernal triangle, balancing against each other to make their way down the Tree of Life as density grows. It talks of the mystery of sex as a tool for divine ecstasy, not simply physical gratification, but a means to merge the dualities. The wheel is a reference to the order of angels Auphanium (for which Ratziel is the archangel), also called the Kerubim, the whirling forces. As the keeper of secrets, Ratziel presents divine wisdom to those that need it.  


Overall meaning LWB

From the LWB:

Meanings: Strength. Dominion. Harmony of rule. Justice. Boldness. Courage. Shamelessness. Revenge. Restlessness.

Reversed: Turbulence. Sagacious withdrawal. Sadness. Trouble.

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Deck: Tabula Mundi

Card: Two of Wands

Lord of Dominion

First Decan of Aries, ruled by Mars

Trumps: Emperor, Tower

Chokmah of Aziluth, Fire


Thoughts on this card:

The colours used on this card help to bring the feeling of power. The ring of fire is protective and controlled. It combines the energies of the Emperor, the Tower, Aries and Mars - male ruling power. It is the time of the Spring Equinox in the northern hemisphere. 
This card takes the double-headed eagle and turns it into a falcon, linking it to Horus. The double-headed eagle looks both East and West in heraldry symbolising rule in all directions and authority in both spiritual and secular domains. It is also the symbol which appears on the shield of the Emperor in the Thoth tarot - a deck which has a strong influence on M.M. Meleen. 
The Emperor’s orb is just above the double-headed falcon which clasps the crook and flail. The latter are symbols of the Egyptian pharaoh’s right time rule. In order to rule they need to both shepherd and punish their subjects. 
The martial aspects of the card are shown by the Blue War Crown of Egypt and the glyph of Mars in the background. 

The whole card gives a feeling of authority, power and rule. In a reading, it could point to where our ruling energies are directed - are we shepherding or punishing? Are we being too forceful when a more gentle coaxing would better? Conversely, it may be time to crack the whip. 


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9 hours ago, Gardener said:

Hello Tough Cookies,


Is the Two of Wands due tomorrow?  Eeeek!

Yes... We are approaching the end of the Two of Wands week.
home alone running GIF
AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! It's going so fast! 
I will hold off making any comments here till more people have put through their submissions. You can do it Tough Cookies! 

The Two of Cups week starts tomorrow! (My tomorrow anyway... maybe not your tomorrow, as we are all scattered throughout the world).

Edited by Grace
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Two of Rods




Card description and impressions: A man and woman stand on the crest of a hill before a wood fire. In the smoke rising from the fire appear two crossed rods of living wood, crowned by a cluster of ripe grapes. The woman clings to the man and gazes at him with devotion, while the man gazes straight ahead into the smoke. A rather old fashioned, but beautiful concept, of a man making plans to create and maintain a field for the woman to bring forth the future. I say this not in defense of any gender binary, but because it exists in nature (as does the entire spectrum of gender.) The whole spectrum has a right to exist.


LWB: “The two rods are crossed above a smoking fire tended by a man and a woman. Above the cross hangs a bunch of grapes. Unnecessary jealousy will cause you a good deal of heartache unless you are careful. If the card lies upside down you can expect great and lasting joy.”


Roots: Picard - “Two.-They are crossed above a moderate fire transforming damp into steam. In the middle of the figure some ears of corn, at the top grapes.
Sign - Co-operation, alliance of forces for the purpose of production.”

Poinsot – “Jealousy, Heartache.”

Synthesis/core meaning: Co-operation, but volatile

Notes: The seemingly contradictory writings on this card actually make sense. In many respects, the anxiety of love between humans boils down to fear: the fear we will say or do something to repel them; the fear we’ll be found unattractive; the fear we won't be able to possess them; the fear we will lose them; the fear somebody else will attract them; the fear somebody else will possess them.

We’re only at two. We have a long road ahead.


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The Morgan Greer Tarot:  2 of Wands

Maybe things are getting a bit silly this time, but I needed to take my mind of other things, so this came out of it:





A young person stands in profile, looking towards the left. They are wearing a red hat with at black and white feather, a brown thick coat with a red, yellow and white clasp and fine looking blue gloves. On their left arm they carry a big round golden shield depicting a white lily and red roses, in their left hand they hold a brown want, a but straight branch with an oak leaf and a couple of acorns at the top end. In their right hand they hold a white shiny orb about the size of a galia melon at breast height. There is another person's hand coming into the picture from the left, holding a second similar wand towards the person. In the background are soft rolling green hills and clear blue sky.


shield - prepared, armoured

rose and lily - intention and passion

red hat - passionate mindset

feather - ready to travel, plans

globe - the vision, plan, idea


So here is me, all set and ready to go! I know where I want to to go, I have my goal in mind, the giant Monty-Python-Hand-In-The-Clouds gave me that stick and I am gonna use it! Shiny Orb contains my goal and reminds me of it and shows where to go, and stick is helping me get there! I got a thick coat to keep me warm, a shield for you never know what may come along the way. I'm gonna do this!

And now this?! WTF?! Somebody is giving me another stick? Two sticks? But I only want one! I don't need two, I only got two hands, and one is for Shiny Orb! Maybe the other stick is better than this stick? Maybe it gets me there quicker? Oh I wish I weren't so indecisive! I need a plan!


interactive part: play the clip and sing along with the new lyrics (or keep to the original lyrics, but feel free do dance, play air guitar, so whatever. Just take these three minutes out and have some fun with this classic) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMaE6toi4mk


[Verse 1]

Orb you really shine so bright

take the left turn or the right?

I can see my goal ahead

But I can't say my doubt is shed

about the way to find the light

take the left turn or the right?


[Verse 2]

It's always move, move, move

But I just haven't found my grove

There a so many ways to choose

One path may win, the others loose

Well, come on and share some light

take the left turn or the right?



Should I turn left or better right now?

Should I speed up or just sit tight now?

If I go, there may be trouble

And if I stay it will be double

So come on and let me know


[Verse 3]

This indecision's bugging me

Why is there no guarantee

That I will get to where I planned

Oh globe I hold you in my hand!

Come on and share some light

take the left turn or the right?

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Hi Rupicapra, I'm joining you.  I can't wait to finish posting mine so I can go read yours!


Two of Wands, comparison with Margarete Petersen and The Ironwing


Margarete, Two of Flames


The fire of closeness - alliance. Two powers which band together. Both experience their own specific field and experience themselves as a part of a more comprehensive whole. An electric netting of light binds blue moon-fire with the red-yellow hot light of the sun. You are the Ego, which transcends itself. Powerful, tender connections with that which lies beyond your boundaries.


Ironwing, Two of Spikes


A beetle watches betwen two torches, one of polished steel that sparkles with smoldering incense, and one of black steel that flames with scented oil.  Each torch is split into two rootlike points that hold hidden suns to suggest that each sides hold the seed of its opposite.  One is not better or more desirable than the other.  The lanterns are the complementary powers of knowledge and intuition, observation and imagination.  Together they represent choice as a gateway into opportunity and responsibility.  The beetle is the balance point, looking forward with its real eyes that are hidden, and appearling to look backward with the large false eyes on its thorax.  The eye pattern is a disguise to fool or startle birds which would react quite differently to the beetle if its back were plain.  So even though the beetle does not “see” with these “eyes” in the ordinary sense, they do affect its environment and give it an awareness that it would not otherwise possess.  In this way they are similar to a shaman’s “spirit eyes”, a decoration or mask worn on the back of the head to indicate the ability to see in two worlds.


My Response:


A dance between complimentary opposites.  That’s my distilled meaning of the two cards compared.  Otherwise, they are very different.  Withing the swirling flames of Margarete’s card is an abstract image that I am almost certain resolves into a man and woman embracing.  So they are separate and together at the same time.  In the Ironwing, the beetle draws on both energies to drive his single existence.  A very different message for the card.  I would read them completely differently in a reading.  I would read the Margarete about working with another person, looking for a person with complimentary energy.  If I received the Ironwing deuce, in contrast, I would talk about two influences affecting the querent, and the need to harmonize them.  Unlike the two of swords, I don’t see a choice, it’s not either/or.  It’s finding a way to make a synergy between two distinct influences.


This comparative study I’m on is suggesting to me that each deck is unique, and it’s important to not do a reading with a single standard RWS meaning for a given card.  You have to understand what the card means to the deck creator.  I think this is why I don’t read with a lot of my decks.  I simply don’t know them well enough.  I mostly read with the ones that read well intuitively.


I found an archetype card that resonates with both these cards, in an unexpected way.  It is The Bridge.  This card asks us to study the connections between the seemingly disconnected parts of our life.  I think that’s a suggestion similar to the beetle of the Ironwing connecting its observation and imagination.  What would it be like to spend an afternoon with a pencil and paper, sitting outside, connecting observation and imagination?



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Mermaid Tarot (by Leeza Robertson, Julie Dillon, Llewellyn 2019)

Card name: Two of Wands


Description: The mer-warrior is keeping watch on the volcano. The conditions of his environment can and probably will change quickly. When change comes, he will be ready. He is of the Shark Tribe and he has tribal tattoos on his body.


Book meaning: The power and energy of wands can come with a high level of risk. Will you rise to the occasion and take this adventure to a new level? If you decide to take the risk you will have to step into the energy as if it was spiritual practise, full of devotion and honor.


Volcano; fire, energy, change. Potential for destruction but also potential for new fertile growth.

Tattoos: They look like the tribal tattoos of some Pacific Islands. They signify a warrior, someone strong and courageous who is protected by his tribal gods and ancestors.

The wands: They look wooden and they look stable standing on the rock pillars on both sides, but they lack the Fire Pearl characteristic of the Wands Suit. The Fire Pearls are not at his disposal at this stage, they are still inside the volcano (as we can see from the Ace). They are on the staffs only from the Five of Wands onwards.


Open ended questions - how, what, when:
How aware are you of your changing environment?
What are your life pillars? In the Three of Wands they are listed as Love, Health and Wealth. Here one of them is still missing. Which one do you think it is?


Embodying the card: He is the Lord of Balance, and his aim is to stay calm and be alert and focused both at the same time. Rather like fire fighters who rest and eat and chat in their fire stations, yet always ready to act at full speed in a matter of seconds. It is like balancing on a fence, not jumping on either side before its time. The tension of opposites is almost palpable.


Notes: He is bold, taking risks and facing fear, standing this close to the smouldering volcano. This matches the traditional meaning of this card as the Card of Personal Power. Another very fitting interpretation for the Two of Wands (that I learned somewhere in AT) is “Should I stay or should I go” and I’m sure that thought is crossing his mind as he looks across the narrow strait towards the volcano. I wonder if he got orders to stand in watch here or if he chose this task himself?

I think it is significant that he does not have the Fire Pearls on his staffs yet. I think it means he still lacks the full energy or inspiration of this suit. He is on the right path and he knows where the Fire Pearls are but he still has to wait for them at this stage. It is not time to act yet. Waiting and Balance are the key concepts of this card.


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Lady Butterfly

Sorry folks, I am going to be a little late with my 2 of wands... life, or rather death, got in the way this last week. I am slowly catching up with real life, so hopefully I will get it done soon.

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4 hours ago, Lady Butterfly said:

Sorry folks, I am going to be a little late with my 2 of wands... life, or rather death, got in the way this last week. I am slowly catching up with real life, so hopefully I will get it done soon.

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. 😥 Don't worry. Take your time. 💓

I have missed writing about some of the cards and I know I will miss more on the way. But this is supposed to be fun and there's no reason to stress about this. (Plus we have the catch up weeks, too, which is an excellent idea!)

Edited by Hemera
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Well said, Hemera, we are each going at our own pace.  If we skip a week here or there, no big deal.  This is supposed to be fun!  You said it, and I'll repeat it.  This is for fun!


Rupicapra, your song cracked me up so hard!  You are brilliant!


I thought the High Priestesses were different, but these Two of Wands are also very different.  I can't seem to find a common thread to connect to an underlying single meaning.  Sometimes the two is a companion, sometimes in opposition, sometimes a choice, sometimes a beginning....

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The Two of Wands to me in its basic interpretation tells me that a tough decision has had to be made, and that the correct one will prevail. Depending on the deck and the position, I also see the RWS deuce indicating that the querent has decided to turn their back on past mistakes, which is not always a good thing to do.


The Phantasmagorical Theater Two of Wands has two figures, facing each other, with one looking like they are up to no good. The figure on the left is serious and is either blindfolded, or wearing dark glasses, telling me that rash and not thought out actions are present (the scissors are rather menacing). The figure on the left is staving off this character and is the one holding the wands. A decision would have to be made as to whether the querent is the figure on the left or on the right. If the former, this is a cautionary card warning to not act too rashly, and possibly needs to have their eyes open. If the latter, the querent should stay strong, even if the odds seem not in their favor.



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Lady Butterfly

Starting with the Faery Wicca Tarot:


Two of Tine (chin)


The Card Itself: I see two trees in the foreground. One is made of leaves the other is made of flames. Each tree holds a little of the other within it… a slight fire in the leafy tree and a few leaves within the fire tree. Beside the trees are wands, one on either side of a path. In the path, the word “POWER” is etched. The path follows along over rolling hills to a circle of trees surrounding a large fire. A white light radiates from the ring of trees and fire. The sky beyond is a fiery red.


From the LWB: The path of Power. How will you use your power? The energy of this card is the creative principle of the universe, which implies that a partnership of powers is at hand – sun/moon, male/female, thought/action – one that is a combination of different individual capacities. Alliance is necessary. An acceptance of other is required.

How do you wield your power?

Forcefully or gently?

Where is your balance found

In the world of ego?


Observations: When I first looked at this card, then read the LWB, I found it hard to see the choice they speak of. On deeper examination, I am thinking that I should be choosing which tree I will embody. The slow-burning leafy one, or the raging fire of the other.


This is where I struggle with this deck... all the pips are just a slightly different angle of the same path. They almost feel like a pip-deck to me in that sense. 

I am trying to 'see' more, but it is a struggle.




Now, Tarot of Pagan Cats:


Two of Wands

The Card Itself: We see a strong looking orange cat standing on what appears to be a castle wall. He has a flag on either side of him, one white, one black. Beyond the castle wall we see a green landscape that appears to house a little village, and a shoreline for what seems to be an ocean.


From the LWB: Gathering your energy while preparing your plan. Reversed: Wasting time.


Observations: He looks very curious, and eager. Perhaps he is waiting for the fishermen to return with their catch of the day? He is probably spoiled with daily/weekly fresh fish, and looks forward to it eagerly. Looking at the lands and village surrounding this castle, it appears to be a prosperous kingdom. Things are going well for both the cat and his people.



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Two of Wands



Deck: Forest of Enchantment

Name of the card: Two of Spells


Description: In this card you can see a person sitting but you can’t see their face – it could be either man on a woman. The person is wearing a purple shirt, swirls decorating the sleeves. There’s a blueish shirt peeking from under the purple one. The person is also wearing a leather belt tied to a knot.

There’s a set of wooden staves carved with symbols. Most of them are on the ground infront of the person but the person is holding two in their hands: yew and alder.


First impressions: I just wish I knew the meanings of the carvings (other than the ones the person is holding that are mentioned in the book). Each symbol is supposed to correspond to a tree or shrub.


Meaning at a glance according to the guide book: Divination. Decision. Setting an intention. The beginning of solving the problem or changing the situation.



Yew - otherworld

Alder - prophecy, oracular powers

Hands - power, action, purpose


In the Celtic language of symbolism, hand symbol meanings were connected to authority and power.


Traditional meaning:

Upright: having more than one option, decisions, travel, discovery, partnership, personal power

Reversed: few options, restlessness, fear of unknown, sudden change, canceled travel plans


Numerology: 2

Feminine force, cooperative, intuition, partnership, duality


The suit: Spells (Wands)

The suit of wands is the source for all energy, it symbolizes human willpower. In a tarot reading, the suit of wands often represent a person's creative potential and can suggest themes of creative projects, inspiration and one's drive.


The element: Fire

Fire is associated with strength, activity, blood, and life-force.


Astrology: Mars in Aries

Active, exciting and motivated.

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Accidentally posted without any content 🙄
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2 of Wands

Image: Jason stands outside of Chiron's cave. The sun is setting behind him. He is holding two flaming wands and wearing a red tunic. Chiron is dimly visible, standing inside the mouth of his cave holding a scroll. This card is all reds, oranges and earth tones.

Once upon a time... A just and rightful king was overthrown by his power hungry half-brother. While the king was imprisoned his wife gave birth to a son. She had to hide the child and proclaim him dead so as to not invite the wrath of his usurper uncle. The boy was secreted away into the care of a kind and knowledgeable teacher who raised the boy to adulthood. The young man was informed of his true parentage and the fact that he is prince to a wrongfully deposed king...

As a beginning to a story anyone can see that the young man intends to overthrow his uncle and retake his father's throne.

The uncle here is Pelias, the father is Aeson. The caretaker/teacher is Chiron (the Heirophant), and our protagonist is Jason.

Reading the 2 of wands: The ace delivered powerful inspiration - the 2 delivers direction. Jason now has a goal and enough of a vision to venture out of the cave and take the first steps on his new adventure. The appearance of this card indicates the formation of a plan, the setting of a goal, taking an idea and setting out on your path.

The energy and inspiration are present, but you need to manifest the courage to move on it.

Key Words: ignite, emerge, reveal, goal, courage, plan20201026_201135.thumb.jpg.4a5227afad0d21c7515caf879b4b69ab.jpg

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