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Flaxens 30 days of working with the moon

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Theme: Higher purpose & Divine nature


1. Something I need to know about my higher purpose - The Priestess

This is Sophia, or wisdom personified. My higher purpose involves the deepening and broadening of my knowledge.

I need to cultivate my wisdom and intuition and this will lead to a fruitful path. It is rooted in the exploration of esoteric mysteries and pursuing spiritual wisdom.


2. What makes me truly unique and invaluable to the rest of creation - The Joyous One

This card represent the happiness we have earned and spiritual fulfilment. My creativity becomes productivity which leads to contentment.

The glyph on the large chalice is the emblem of Hagia Sophia and links back to The Priestess. It represents maturation of learned skills, intellect and acumen.

It feels like a big billing to live up to and I’m not sure I’m quite there yet. For me, this represents my potential when combined with pursuing the ideals of the first card.


3. A message from the higher unconscious (or spirit guides) - The Vagabond

A repeat from yesterday. They remind me again that this feeling of being outcast is just that...a feeling.

It reminds me of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 29, particularly this bit:

When in disgrace with fortune and men's eyes,

I all alone beweep my outcast state,

And trouble deaf heaven with my bootless cries,

And look upon myself and curse my fate,


This is a mindset I can recognise and is perhaps why this sonnet has always been a favourite. The positive feelings return when love is remembered. Why would I change places with those seemingly better off, when my life is rich in people I love dearly and who love me?



Sophia beckons,

A promise of joy to come,

A whisper of love



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Sophia beckons,

A promise of joy to come,

A whisper of love



I needed those words today. Thank you!  <3


I’m so glad they were meaningful for you. :heart:

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Posted (edited)



Theme: Shedding & Banishing


1. What is no longing serving me well - The Champion

The Champion is the spirit of victory but there are two sides to victory. She can bring wisdom, wealth, dominance or peace. However, she can also bring folly, poverty and desolation. 

One of the Scepters pierces her leg - a reminder that victory comes at a cost. To win often means self-sacrifice. Have I pursued a victory at all costs even though it’s brought me pain? A competitive drive can be useful but am I really aware of what I’m sacrificing? I see this card primarily as an examination of societal roles I play.


2. The best approach to gently and effectively release and banish this from my life - The Priestess

The Priestess is advice to turn within. Check if the course I’m pursuing is Wisdom or Folly. If I’m making a sacrifice to achieve something, is it worth it? Taking a longer view of possible repercussions may help decide if a course of action is worth pursuing. This card also reminds me  to approach issues from a more spiritual perspective. 


3. Something wonderful and nourishing to evoke in its place - The Joyous One

This is such an interesting counterpart to the first card. Here is success too but one which is more emotionally and spiritually fulfilling. There doesn’t seem to be the sacrifice element here and it lacks the competitive feel of The Champion. This is success for myself - not what society tells me it should be. This card was there yesterday too and I’ve noticed over recent readings that I’m getting cards returning the following day. This means I need to consider its message from different perspectives. 



Painful victory,

Did Wisdom or Folly lead?

Does this bring you joy?


Edited by Flaxen

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Theme: Cleansing & Clearing

1. Steps to cleanse and rejuvenate myself so that I honor my sacred physical temple - The Blind Seer

This is traditionally a card relating to the mental plane but here is is referring to the physical body. I take this to be a reference to the mind-body. My patterns of thought and mental state have a physical effect on my body. 

Here is advice to pause, to slow down and, with that blindfold, avoid extraneous distractions. A period of stillness and peace - less mental chatter- is needed.

2. What I need to clear out from my mental space (attitudes, thought patterns, stress..)- The Haunt

This card makes sense in relation to the first. This is anxiety personified and specifically anxiety about what the future holds. Sometimes it’s because perception of the present is bleak and I’m feeling bound by fate. A helplessness sets in. Wherever possible, I need to lay these demons to rest and remind myself that I can take action to improve the situation. 

3. How to transform or cleanse my home so that it nourishes me (even further) - The Champion

A repeat from yesterday and one which stumped me initially in this position. Victory but accompanied by sacrifice and suffering did not immediately seem relevant to the position in this spread. 

However, I see it here as a pointer to the fact that my home can be my sanctuary but it will involve a bit of pain and sacrifice first. The pain of having new flooring put in - all that moving furniture! The sacrifice of time and money to redecorate. All necessary and will create a more harmonious space. 


Stillness beckons me,

No longer haunted by shadows,

Victory is mine


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I am so glad that the forum got back in time for you all to wrap up your 30 days. I cannot believe that this process is almost complete!!  :heart: 

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6 minutes ago, Raggydoll said:

I am so glad that the forum got back in time for you all to wrap up your 30 days. I cannot believe that this process is almost complete!!  :heart: 

I know! It’s quite sad seeing it come to an end. The time for reflection in the morning has been really valuable and it’s given me such good insight into the Spirit Keeper’s. 

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Theme: Rest & Replenishing


1. Why I need to make sleep and rest a priority right now - The Force

In simple terms, I need it to keep my strength up. My life force will be stronger if I have adequate rest and sleep. It will also make it much easier not to be led by my wilder impulses. Poor decision making can be the consequence of not being well rested. 


2. What will be able to manifest when I am replenished - The Wish Granted

This is a positive card to see here. It is a card of blessings of abundance. Benebell describes it as a portal for gift-giving deities to step through. What wish would I want granted? The chalice with the moon draws my eye. It is concerned with relationships - perhaps my wish will be granted here. It is one I need to think carefully about. I’m not sure I’ve really articulated for myself what my wish would be. 


3. Something I have felt pressured or stressed by that I would benefit from putting on the back-burner right now - Archangel of Glory

This is the Archangel associated with the Arts. There is a pile of books stacked high and I do feel that I’ve been under pressure to read particular course material. It’s self-directed study but I’ve ‘fallen behind’ where I should. I need to remind myself that the course is meant to progress at the student’s own pace. There is no ‘deadline’ apart from the one I have imposed myself. Trying to push myself when I also have other commitments will lead to burn-out.



A good rest brings strength,

Wish fulfilment draws closer,

burnt-out kills the flame



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1. How I can find light in the darkness – what will guide me through confusion, fear or discomfort - The Corrupter

This is the personification of confusion and is a repeat from previous days. The light in the darkness for me is to examine my choices carefully. There are a myriad of choices but none of them are what they seem. Illusions abound and I need check carefully before taking action. 


2. An area where I will be able to bring about renewal and rebirth - The Reaper

This is the ultimate card of renewal! It signals that I am at the threshold of change and personal transformation. It’s an initiation of sorts and may prove painful. However it is change which is necessary even though it brings suffering. There will be rebirth after this death. 


3. What I will be able to see more clearly in the near future- The Magus

It seems I will truly come to understand the powers of my mind. I have the capability to manifest my thoughts into reality. Genius, Love, Nourishment and Passion combine. 

The LWB describes this as ‘The All is Mind. The Mind is All.’ I can control my circumstances by controlling my mind.


Illusions flicker,

Death stands ready to scythe them,

The mind controls all




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Thank you, @Raggydoll. It’s been amazing and I can’t believe I’ve stuck to it for all 30 days!

I’ve got lots of analysis to do now and will come back to this thread to add further thoughts. 

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Well done, Flaxen! Thank you so much for sharing your process with you. Your haikus have taught me how to bring magic into even a daily spread, and I've loved reading your take on the cards. 

(Incidentally, you've also made me very excited for when I get my Vitruvian edition of the Spiritkeeper's deck later this year! I know I'll be thinking of you and this spread when I use it, because I love how you've worked with the cards and drawn out their messages).

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Breakdown of cards by suit:

Chalices - 16

Orbs - 23

Sceptres -20

Swords - 21

Majors - 21


Repeating Minor Cards:

2 of Swords - The Blind Seer - 4 appearances

3 of Chalices - The Kindred - 3 appearances

4 of Scepters - The Demiurge - 2 appearances

4 of Orbs - The Conservator - 2 appearances

5 of Orbs - The Vagabond - 4 appearances

6 of Scepters - The Champion - 2 appearances 

7 of Chalices - The Corrupter - 3 appearances

7 of Scepters - The Dark Horse - 4 appearances 

8 of Chalices - The Defector - 2 appearances 

8 of Scepters - The Sharpshooter - 3 appearances 

8 of Orbs - The Journeyman - 3 appearances 

8 of Swords - The Captor - 2 appearances 

10 of Scepters - The Burdened One - 2 appearances 

10 of Orbs - The Dynasty - 3 appearances 

10 of Swords - The Destroyer - 2 appearances 

10 of Chalices - The Joyous One - 2 appearances 


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Repeating Majors:

The Emperor - 2 appearances 

The Force - 2 appearances 

The Lovers - 3 appearances 

The Magus - 2 appearances 

The Outlaw - 2 appearances

The Priestess - 2 appearances


Repeating Courts Cards:

Stronghold of the Grail - 3 appearances

Stronghold of the Vale - 4 appearances

Stronghold of the Flame - 2 appearances

Shining Quarry - 2 appearances 

Shining Winds - 2 appearances 

Scarlet Shield - 3 appearances 

Archangel of Mysteries - 3 appearances 

Archangel of Glory - 2 appearances

Archangel Commander - 3 appearances


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