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Help picking next tarot deck, please?

Aspen Sage

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I know, I know, tarot deck choices are just for you and you alone, but seriously, there is so much wonderful art, it is so hard to choose!


I am wondering if any of you have had experience with these deck as to how they read, comparison to the RWS meanings, and your general reviews. These are the choices I am currently looking at:


The Star Tarot (2017)

Ostara Tarot (2017)

Green Witch Tarot (2003)


Are there any other decks that you like better which you might suggest?

I am currently using the Shadowscapes Tarot and loving it!



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Watching flip throughs on YouTube or looking through all of the cards on the publisher's website, if possible, is a great way of getting acquainted with a deck for me, so I agree with joy[/member].


I use my copy of the Ostara tarot a lot and read plenty of reviews before getting it. It gives kind and clear readings, for me, but I know others have found it less gentle and more to the point. When I'm obtuse, it will give me the same card/s until I catch on, which is fair enough. :)


I read that someone on the forum does not like the quality of the cards and find them plastic-like, so perhaps watch a flip through to get a feel of the quality or visit your local tarot shop and have a feel, if possible? Just so that they appeal to you.


The silver on the edges seems to peel a little at first for most people, but unless you are adverse to glitter it shouldn't be a problem. :)


I'm afraid I can't provide any input on how it compares to the RWS as I've never used it! :)


Good luck and enjoy your new deck, whichever one you choose!

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The very best deck I've found in my two decades of reading, is the Everyday Enchantment by Poppy Palin. The book gives all the information on what RWS type symbolism there is for each card and  she covers all the bases, not just a symbol or two. I didn't know if I'd like it when I saw the art work, but I got it and was just bowled over. I have old favorites that I still love but the only one I use now is Everyday Enchantment.


If you're still learning, I'd give her deck a try. Normally I don't recommend anything but Rider Waite to learn with, and I still recommend that, but this deck you could easily start out with and do very well.


I have small, arthritic hands so I always avoided large decks and had to trim most of mine. These cards are very large, but I just deal them out into three or four piles to randomize the deck and I'm ready to go. I'd been randomizing decks with that method anyway, whether trimmed or not, because just regular shuffling won't do it well enough otherwise.

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I used to have the Ostara Tarot and recently gave it away. I had it for about a year, and I found that I did not use it much for a couple of reasons.


First, Ostara is a collaborative deck, and while each of the four artists has objectively beautiful artwork, and it is very cohesive considering it is a collaborative deck, I still found that there was a disconnect between many of the cards. I always draw at least two cards from any deck I use, and very often when using this deck, the different artwork would throw me off. I also resonated more with the artwork of two of the artists and preferred their artwork over the other two artists.


In terms of interpretations, Ostara is more RWS than anything else, but there are some unique interpretations that I didn't really understand: for example, the Three of Cups and the Three of Pentacles.


The cool thing about the deck is that while each suit is illustrated by a different artist, each numbered card and court card (except the Queen, in which each artist had free reign) has a unifying animal designated to that number. So, for example, all the Nine cards were big cats.


The cards are very thick and glossy, but they were slippery and easy to overhand shuffle. I did not riffle shuffle them as they were too thick and inflexible to do so, and the gilding came partially worn off in one corner.


I ended up giving the deck away to someone who really enjoyed it, and there are a lot of people who love the deck. There are also some fantastic cards in there. Some of my favorites were: Temperance, The Devil, Queen of Pentacles, and Ten of Swords.


As for the Green Witch Tarot, I don't have that one, as I am not a green witch, but I have the similarly packaged and the fun and whimsical Everyday Witch Tarot, which I absolutely love. It has a BFF energy: super friendly, fun, and lighthearted, but straightforward and clear.

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l have just started using the Legacy of the Divine and find it really good to work with.  It does follow the RWS in most respects but has a few thoughts of its own.  This deck fires up my intuition really well. This is becoming my second go to deck for readings.  My first being the Roots of Asia which is now unfortunately OOP and very expensive on the secondary market.

The Everyday Enchanted Tarot is very easy to read with.  If you want a deck that depicts modern life you could give it a try.

Another deck if you like cats is the Pagan Cats tarot, a really delightful and easy to read deck.  It pictures cats in natural everyday settings, lots of different breeds of cats acting and being their normal selves.


It all depends on what style of tarot attracts you, and where your interests lie.  You may have to buy several decks before you find the ones that you find yourself comfortable with.  We have all been there  :lolsign:



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Thanks for all your replies!


I ended up looking closer at the Ostara Tarot and decided it was not the right choice for me right now. It is definitely something I would get for the sake of art collection, but I can relate to the disjointed aspect when looking at the cards. Some of the cards I just love, but there are some which I just don't connect with all that well. Beautiful art, by all means, but for what I am seeking right now, it's not the right choice for me.


The Star Tarot - still a contender, but the price point being a bit higher than the others plays a part and the fact that the card stock is lacking and the borders are large, would mean it would be a trimming and edging project. I am not sure I am up for that at this moment. However, what attracted me to the deck in the first place, was the incredible symbolic colorful imagery and the book which supports the deck, seems worthwhile in and of itself. I am still considering it because I can always use it until the point I am ready to do a trim and would probably learn a great deal from the book!


The Green Witch Tarot - I love everything about it, including the symbolism (I have deep pagan roots, so it's very much my style). The only thing that draws me away from the deck is the design on the back of the cards. I know it seems like a small thing, but what you end up looking at a great deal of the time while shuffling is the backs. It's the ONLY thing that detracts me from buying it right now. Maybe I am just silly.


Perhaps I don't need another deck at all, but I would really like another one. My first deck which was of my choosing was the Shadowscapes Tarot and anything else is hard for me to compare because it's the perfect deck for me! I have the Enchanted Tarot - this is the deck I have owned for over 15 years, but it was a gift and I never chose it, so choosing a deck (being an artist myself) is a really wonderful process. It's like choosing a familiar, a companion, if you will.


I could just forgo choosing any of these and wait for the decks that are to be released (potentially years from now) on my wish list, but I am not that patient and would prefer to start a collection of decks/art. I have been an artist for many years and studied art in college. It is strange how life goes, because my relationship with art went as-cue for a while and then when I started reading for others, it re-enlivened my passion for art because I could see, once again, how it connects all of us as a language cross borders, cultures, and creeds.


So I am down to Green Witch Tarot vs. Star Tarot (leaning toward Green Witch, but the book with the Star Tarot, oh man!). I will probably end up with both eventually, lol. Thanks again!

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The Green Witch Tarot - I love everything about it, including the symbolism (I have deep pagan roots, so it's very much my style). The only thing that draws me away from the deck is the design on the back of the cards. I know it seems like a small thing, but what you end up looking at a great deal of the time while shuffling is the backs. It's the ONLY thing that detracts me from buying it right now. Maybe I am just silly.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this deck, and the earth based spirituality feel it has is wonderful.  I wrote a review for this deck for TT&M if you want specifics on the deck https://www.thetarotforum.com/deck-reviews/the-green-witch-tarot-tarot-deck-review/.  The companion book is good too.

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I very luckily won the Ostara tarot here some months in a competition  :thumbsup: I thought about this deck for ages but couldn't decide to get it and now I have it, it is a good deck. I am glad to own it!


It has really cute packaging and nicely done. Totally agree with what queenofwans[/member] said about it. Of all the collaboration decks I have seen, it does it the best! There are 4 artists and each one does a suit and the majors are split between them. I would say that all the artwork is of good quality but the disjointedness is that when you are reading, they are different in style! Also you naturally will like one artist or two more than the others. I was reading for someone on here and had most of the cards from one artist and then one card from a different one, that one different card was really minimalist compared to the other work. This was slightly jarring but it gave me a good reading anyway. It's also nice to have different energies to different suits.


However I found this deck gives really great readings! I wouldn't say it was in my top 5 decks but I am really glad I now have it in my collection. This is the perfect deck I think for Rebirth / new beginning type readings (because it's themed as Ostara / Spring) and also nature / feminine themes as well.


I don't own the others, so can't speak for those :)



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I have been all over the place with the next deck picking. I thought I decided on the Green Witch Tarot, but then got drawn to the Wildwood Tarot yet again and then realized it was more of it's own system and got redirected to Tarot Mucha because I don't have an RSW type deck and was kind of still desiring to have at least something close to the original symbolism. The Star Tarot is still near the top of the list as well. I am thinking I will settle with Tarot Mucha for now, it is probably more useful earlier on than later. Ostara has lost some appeal for me because of some of the more caroony imagery, but by no means would I turn it down if someone handed me a copy! I love art and all the beautiful decks, but I am trying to prioritize for now. ;D


Animals Divine would be my first option at this point - it is so intuitive to me and beautiful, but it looks like it's out of print and hopefully, I can find someone to trade for it some day. I also discovered the Alchemical Tarot and would really LOVE to work with that deck, but it's over $65 if you include the price of the deck plus the book (and then shipping on top of that). Also, I read reviews of the book having bad grammatic errors, so I contacted the author, Robert M. Place, and he is having it edited with another printing coming out in four months! So I will go ahead and add that to my wishlist for later this year! I am so excited to learn more about alchemical correspondences, for some reason, I am very drawn to them.


I have no idea, who knows, maybe tomorrow I'll change my mind entirely and decided to get another oracle deck! J/K  :))

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Thanks gregory[/member] ! I will look into that. I saw the Animals Divine on amazon, but also saw reviews from some people saying they just got the book and not the box set as is said in the description. :/


I ended up finding out the World Spirit Tarot has a second edition out and bought it, even though it was twice my desired budget. *sigh*

I couldn't resist a deck where I love every single card in it! It will serve me well and for a long time. I really look forward to using it in conjunction with the Shamanic Healing Oracle because both decks have fairly tribal art with vibrant colors and black backgrounds. ;D Phew! That was quite a process, haha!


Thanks for everyone's replies and input! I am sure the time will come where I go looking for another deck; the information has been helpful. Cheers!

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