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The Big List of Diverse Decks


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There have been so many discussions lately around the topic of diversity (and the lack thereof) when it comes to tarot and oracle decks. Its an important one and its a topic that we here at TT&M care greatly about. That is why I am hoping that you will all want to help me compile a massive list of decks that are diverse (in any way). I am talking about the decks that are inclusive when it comes to skin color/ethnicity/culture, age, body shapes, sexual orientation, gender variance, physical disabilities and so on.


It would be perfect if you could share any decks that you know. Links and/or pictures would be great but are not mandatory  ^-^


So please help me out and make this topic one that matters. That is the only way we will be able to see a change in the future  ❤️




Afro goddess tarot, the

Ancestral Path tarot

Art Nouveau Tarot

Asian American tarot

Barbara Walker tarot

Black Power tarot

Bridge Witches tarot

Buckland Romani tarot

Children of Litha tarot, the

Chrysalis tarot, the

Collective tarot, the

Cosmic Cycles Tarot

Cosmic Tribe Tarot

Cosmic Woman tarot      Femme centric

Daughters of the Moon    Femme centric

Delta Enduring tarot

Dust II Onyx

Everyday Enchantment tarot

Everyman's tarot    Male centric

Dark Goddess tarot

Divine Diversity deck

Fifth spirit tarot, the

Fountain tarot

Fyodor Pavlov tarot

Gaian tarot

Gay tarot    LGBTQ

Ghetto tarot, the

Goddess tarot

Greenwood tarot

Hip Chick tarot

Hoodoo tarot

Indian Folktales Tarot 

Intuitive Night Goddess tarot, the 

Lazy crow tarot, the

Le Tarot des Femmes Erotiques

Light and Shadow tarot

Light Seer’s Tarot

Luna Sol tarot

Manzel’s Tarot


Medicine Woman Tarot, the

Melanated tarot, the

Mermaid tarot 

Mesquite tarot

Modern Spellcaster tarot

Modern Witch tarot

Moonchild tarot

Motherpeace tarot

Mythical Goddess tarot

Neon Moon tarot

Next World tarot

New Chapter tarot, the

New Choice tarot de Marseille

New Era Elements tarot

Numinous tarot, the

Prismatic tarot

R. Black tarot

Renaissance Tarot

Sacred India Tarot by Rohit Arcana & Jane Addams

Sacred Indian Tarot by Kiren Rai, majors only

Sacred Sisterhood tarot

Sasuraibito tarot

Sensual Wicca    Femme centric

Seventh Sphere de Marseille

Shining Tribe tarot

Shrine of the Black Medusa tarot

Silicon Dawn    LGBTQ

Sinking Wasteland tarot

Slow Holler tarot

Slow tarot, the

Slutist tarot    LGBTQ

Son tarot      LGBTQ

Spirit Keeper's tarot

Spirit within tarot

St Croix tarot

St. Jinx Arcana    LGBTQ

Star spinner tarot

Stolen Child tarot

Stretch tarot

Tarot of Brass and Steam

Tarot of Eden

Tarot of the Ages

Tarot of the Cat People

Tarot of the Crone

Tarot of the Divine

Tarot of the toiling hands, the
Tarot Rama    LGBTQ Male Centric

Tazama African Tarot

Textured tarot, the

The Star That Never Walks Around

Thea's tarot    LGBTQ Femme centric

This Might Hurt tarot

True heart intuitive tarot

Universal Goddess tarot

Urban tarot

Wheel of Change tarot

World Spirit tarot




Everyday Witch Oracle


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I will start by listing the ones that come to mind:


Next World tarot

The Melanated tarot

Stretch tarot

The Numinous tarot

Thea's tarot

The Afro goddess tarot

Shrine of the Black Medusa tarot

The textured tarot

New Era elements tarot

Spirit within tarot

Delta enduring tarot

Moonchild tarot

Motherpeace tarot

Dust II Onyx

Ancestral path tarot

Tarot of the ages

The Everyday enchantment tarot


If you have any thoughts on the decks I mentioned or if you think any of them don't belong on the list then please feel free to speak up. I'm really interested in hearing everyones thoughts and experiences. I do understand that many of the decks I have listed are independently published and therefore expensive. I would be incredibly happy if we can add some more affordable and readily available decks too, this just happens to be an area of decks that I am drawn to (I really like to support innovative artists and small businesses)




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There are way more than here probably but these are my LGBT suggestions, I don't own all these for myself but I am listing them based on categories I have seen them put in if I don't own them :)

Sexuality Inclusive Decks


Gay Tarot - although aimed at the gay male experience, it features men and women in diverse versions of RWS cards, you can use it to read for anyone with it's larger deck theme of seeking acceptance.

Brotherhood Tarot - Masculine Gay photography deck

Cosmic Tribe Tarot - comes with different Lovers cards for any relationship

Everyman's Tarot - a male-centric deck

Renaissance Tarot - implies same sex partnerships in some Majors with Greek / Roman myth themes

Motherpeace - female-centric deck

Sensual Wicca - female-centric

Daughters of the Moon - female-centric

St. Jinx Arcana (Saturn was talking about the cards in that gay self-published deck, I believe it also has some women)

Silicon Dawn (Lovers is 3 women and other cards)

Art Nouveau Tarot by Matt Myers - very 80's vintage art now with gay representation but very out of print now!


Gender Inclusive / Genderless Decks


The Numinous Tarot - is intersectional, queer, trans and non binary in themes, there is a kickstarter to fund a second reprint which has closed but you can still preorder it on it's kickstarter here

Shining Tribe Tarot - was made by Rachel Pollock whilst transitioning (originally called Shining Woman Tarot) and has a cave art style which is genderless.

Wild Unknown - I know a lot of LGBTQ people love it, it is truly genderless and fits anyone you are reading for as it's inclusive to all and features no humans

Fountain Tarot - a Masculine deck but tries to represent all genders in the cards.


Final shout out to Next World Tarot again, definitely want to buy it, it is inclusive to all and is a queer punk masterpiece from a Cuban-American illustrator. It is based on her friends and has LGBT folk and women in hijabs and in wheelchairs and has a mutual theme between the people of respect.

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THANK YOU!!!  <3 This is wonderful. I was thinking about how to best create a list so that it is easy to see what type(s) of inclusiveness that any particular deck has. Like adding keywords such as LGBT, POC next to the titles. But I wasn't sure what keywords to use. English is not my first language so I struggle a bit with finding the correct terminology. Any help that I can get in that area would be very very appreciated.



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The funny thing is I changed the titles at last minute before posting as I was not happy with them! They said Lesbian and Gay Decks and Trans decks before  :)) You can always edit categories later on or ask opinions on what people best prefer. LGBT and POC seem fine, they are categorisation labels  :heartz:

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The funny thing is I changed the titles at last minute before posting as I was not happy with them! They said Lesbian and Gay Decks and Trans decks before  :)) You can always edit categories later on or ask opinions on what people best prefer  :heartz:


Yeah, it’s hard! Everyone is so scared to say the wrong thing and I believe that is part of the problem because then we don’t discuss this topic as much as we should. I definitely get intimidated by the fact that my vocabulary is so limited. Back in school our teachers mostly stressed the importance to be able to ask for directions and to discuss the weather  ;D


But as you said, keywords can be added or tweaked later. Very good point  :heartz:

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Guest Night Shade

The World Spirit Tarot is one of my favorite diverse decks.  And for dragon lovers, the Lo Scarabeo Dragons Tarot is as well.  And the universal Goddess tarot and Goddess Tarot feature goddesses from diverse cultures.

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The Slow Tarot and the Stolen Child Tarot are in production (after successful Kickstarter campaigns) at the moment, but both look like they are reasonably diverse at least in gender and race and possibly some representation of differing abilities as well.

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Thank you, Raggydoll, for this important thread.  I thought of three decks right away that focus on non-white/slender/young/ and-or "commercially attractive" people.


Here's an interesting one - The Star That Never Walks Around.  It's a Native American themed deck.  I don't think I've ever seen it mentioned in the forum.  http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/cards/star-that-never-walks-around/ 


A more familiar deck that shows a non-mainstream culture is the Buckland Romani, http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/cards/buckland-romani/


The Ghetto Tarot is a beautiful deck in which RWS imagery is recreated by a photographer and a troupe of artists using only material available in the Haitian ghetto, which is a term of pride to those who celebrate its culture, https://www.ghettotarot.de/



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Grandma, that’s awesome! I totally forgot about the Romani deck. And that first one is one I’ve never heard of before. Need to go check it out right now!

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I forgot about the Hip Chick tarot.  That one is on my wishlist!  <3


Someone mentioned that deck just yesterday, can’t believe I forgot about it!

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What an excellent resource!


The forthcoming Everyday Witch Oracle looks like it will be much more diverse than the tarot deck. The Medicine Woman Tarot is another deck that comes to mind.

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Ancestral Path

Light and Shadow

Modern Spellcaster

St Croix

Tarot of the Ages


And of course so MANY animal decks....



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Thank you everyone for contributing! I will start to compile the list tomorrow and then we just add to it as we go along  <3


Gregory: yes, non-human decks are a great alternative so I’m glad you mentioned that. I don’t think we will add those to the list though (to try and keep things simple). 

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Hey! I’m not sure if anyone said it yet but what about the slut tarot? The images actually remind me of a time in my life



Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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Hey! I’m not sure if anyone said it yet but what about the slut tarot? The images actually remind me of a time in my life



Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk


Of course! I’ll add that too as soon as I get a chance to start on the list. Thanks!  <3

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