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The Star Tarot - how does it stand up after using for a while?


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Hi all, I have been looking for a while for a deck that the artwork really resonated. I am pretty choosy and have all sorts of likes and dislikes and The Star Tarot ticks all my boxes. Except ...

The reviews I've read both here on the forum and elsewhere has me really worried about the card stock. For me it's an expensive deck, more than I wanted to pay but for such lovely artwork I would find that money. But I'm really not happy to pay more than I'd like if the cards are going to fall apart after a couple of shuffles.

So my question is how well has the card stock stood up after you've used them for a while? Is it a case of just being careful or have you been careful and still they have broken down.

I've read here of many that were waiting patiently for the release and finally got them so my question is to you folks.

I adore the imagery, the cards are a perfect match of RWS and the artists innovations to suit my tastes. I am devistated that the cards are so poorly produced and my perfect (and expensive) deck might not last.

Anyone got any opinions/comments or even suggestions on decks with similar artwork to them?

Thanks in advance


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omg! Noooooo! Exact my & this reviewer reaction;


after seeing those ugly borders?x,x facepalm

Must say don't remember ever seeing worse horror border ruining card art for me!:)

& fact card stock seems badly laminated definitely make me wish this artist choose selfpublisher rote!:)

so thank you for bringing this topic up & taking it off my wishlist for now!:)


here is another Awesome Art Tarot from my wishlist hope you like;


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Thanks so much for the suggestions. It's just that I was so drawn to the deck and the images and the feel of the cards. So I bit the bullet and bought the Star Tarot deck. It's lovely and now I'm working my way through the cards to familiarise myself before I start to use it. I'll start with an interview spread. 

As the reviews said, the card stock is thin and quite flimsy. I'm being very gentle with it. It'll break my heart when it starts to fray at the edges like the reviews sugest. Then and only then I will trim it I think. 

Even then there's nothing I have found anywhere on the forum or on the Internet that says trimming will cure the edges fraying. It may well start to break down from the trimmed edge, that much closer to the image. 

Time will tell I guess. In the meantime I'm loving the deck and the beautiful images of Cathy McClelland. 

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I'm glad you got it, since you were so drawn to it. A beautiful deck. Schiffer's Mary-el had massive borders too (which I trimmed to narrow borders), but it's never frayed, so I hope the same is true of your copy of The Star. 

(Before I saw that you'd gone ahead and bought it, I was going to say you may like the Asherah Tarot, or at least, the art style of The Star Tarot reminds me of that deck. If you haven't seen it and want to take a peek, there's a flip-through here. (Funnily enough he mentions the Star Tarot too.) Card stock  is nice. I have a Game Crafter (large) and an MPC version (mini), and though I prefer the color quality on the former by a hair, they're both decent card stock and borderless. -- But since you've already bought The Star you may not be in the market. 🙂)

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Thanks Rose for your input. Yes I liked the Asherah Tarot, maybe it will go on the wish list. 

Im still hoping some members here that use the Star Tarot regularly will help with tips to keep it nice. To overhand shuffle or not or to riffle shuffle for the best way to look after those thin edges. 


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