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Rowanhood's 30 days of working with the moon

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Thank you so much @Raggydoll.


Alright so I am not sure which deck I will be using, I may end up switching decks as I go. I know I am going to stay with Tarot decks and not Oracle for this. That is where I need to work so I feel this is the month for that to happen. 


A little list of which decks I may use,




Hanson Roberts

The Good Tarot

Wild Unknown


Sante Muerte

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Day 1: New moon


Theme: Planning and Planting (intention Setting)


Deck Used: Shadowscapes


1. The preparations required for me to make room for the new (= the thing I want to manifest) - Page of Pentacles

The thing that I want to manifest this cycle is the motivation needed to complete a goal in my life. That being note it could b about my physical health, which is actually something wanted to work on. In fact I actually finished making up a plan of how I will lose weight and begin making a healthier lifestyle possible. 


2. What I must do or prioritize for this seed to take root - Ten of Wands

I need to prioritize the extra 'burden' that comes with the goal I have in mind, that being losing weight. The burden I believe this is referring to is that of the meal planning, meal tracking, and calorie counting that comes with losing weight. 


3. What I may need to forsake or put on the back burner to get the results I want - King of Cups

The thing that I need to place on the back burner this month is my want to 'master' my creative side. I have wanted to get back into drawing and photography to the point of beginning to master it so I could possibly profit from it. I feel that this is saying no to focus on that this month but rather focus on my physical health and journey. 


I really feel like this reading is strengthening my thoughts on working on my health and losing weight. That idea of becoming healthier and focusing on that. I am at risk of becoming obese so I need to get that possibility gone. I am looking forward to the rest of the readings for sure as well as losing weight. 

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