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Now that I have gotten all of my settings set comfortably, I would like to express my excitement

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This is the best forum software I have ever used on mobile. 

 There are a few tiny annoyances – namely not being able to get back to the top of the forum via a button on black bar at the top.  I wish they had a simple up arrow icon. 


 I know I can click on the “Menu > Forums > Forums”, but this can be aggravating as that is three taps. 

 Just a bit earlier, I found myself stuck on the opening page — with absolutely no way to get to the actual forums without doing the “Menu > Forums > Forums”. 

This forum software is awesome – perhaps somewhere in the settings there is a way to get to the top of the forms via the black bar?

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12 minutes ago, gregory said:

Do mobiles have "page up" and "page down" ? that works on PC.

No, sorry. xD 

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that is the only annoying thing about the mobile screen, it's very good! also I miss notifications popping up on my phone on tapatalk! But it's a good version of the forum! Also it's funny how your notifications appear at the top of the page, so you have to scroll down to get to the page on each screen. I can get used to it now I understand the layout via mobile.

As well as going menu / forum, the thing that looks like folded paper in the menu at the top (it's only on the line on the mobile version), that is unread posts, so that is easy to see what is new!

You could of course bookmark the main forum (not front page!), bookmark on your mobile device www.thetarotforum.com/forums, the page without /forums is the landing page that would save you time :dancing-cat:

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