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Perfect timing for prosperity magic today on the 5/5

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This post was inspired by Avalon Cameron who just went live to point out the very significant energies that occur today. For those of you that love to perform rituals in accordance with beneficial timings, then today on the 5th of may, (preferably as close to 5 o clock in the afternoon that you can get) there will be an extra special moment. We have the new moon in Taurus and all the universal energies are perfectly aligned for powerful spells regarding money, abundance, career etc. So if you want to do a little something to attract goodness into your life for the months to come then you won’t get a better chance than this! 


I will perform a smaller ritual myself but I will sit down and figure out the details first. I want to make sure that my intentions are clear. And I have a wonderful green candle waiting to be included for this special event. Some crystals and cards will surely be present too. (I like to specify my intentions using cards as visual aids, plus I also draw on their archetypal energies). Overall I’m thinking green, gold and luscious nature elements... so I will probably include stones such as jade, green aventurine and pyrite. The Empress may show up too 😊

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40 minutes ago, joy said:

This sounds wonderful! @Raggydoll when you say 5pm, what time zone is that?

No special time zone, when it’s 5 at your place. It’s more of a numerology thing with the actual time of day (and it being the 5th day of the 5th month.) Taurus is also a sign that is very beneficial for material abundance. And the new moon is a great time for intention setting. 

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