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Fingerguns? idk how many of the younger crowd is around here but hello! You can call me Mar or Aurora, whatever floats your boat. I just recently got into tarot and just today got my first deck!  I just finished going through it and I thought I should find a place to just talk about tarot and potentially learn with others. 


I bought the Everyday Tarot deck, mostly because of it's small size and price and just the aesthetics called out to me. I don't know how well my family will react to seeing these (my grandmother I believe really is not a fan and I rather not have her see these and think I'm doing evil or whatever she'll like to peg it) but I thought they were a good starter choice. For now I'm going to stick to the more traditional RW decks for now, I just didn't like the original artwork for the cards even though I do like what they mean moreso then say, Thoth. I'm eyeing my next deck already, Ostara Tarot's cards are gorgeous and they really sing to me. 


But yeah, that's all I really got. Hope to meet a lot of you here!

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