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Hello, I'm New Here.

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Hello, I'm new here and would love to introduce myself. I'm going to follow the email template suggestion. 

-Name: Natalia
-Pronouns: Naty
-Do you read Tarot or other Card systems?: I read tarot, playing cards, I Ching, I also dabble in water (or vessel) divination. 
-How long have you been reading if so?: Around 10 years
-Where did you find Tarot, Tea, & Me?: Well, this is a roundabout story. Back when Aeclectic was around, I recall when it was announced that the forum would be closing. Many in the community began mobilizing and setting up forums and groups in other places. I joined several of them but never really participated. I guess I needed time to heal from Aeclectic no longer being a community. I recall bookmarked this forum but never moved to create an account. This year, as I was missing Aeclectic I remembered this forum, and after visiting the site I decided to open up and join. So here I am. 
-What would you like to learn here?: Well, everything that we each as a community can contribute to tarot, tarot history, divination, and the different ways and approaches to divining and reading. 



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Guest Night Shade

Hello and welcome, Natalia!  It's good to have you here. :smiley: ❤️ :animated-smileys-signs-085:  

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20 hours ago, Thoughtful said:

Big welcome :animated-smileys-waving-065: We all fell apart when Aecletic went but you will recognise many old names here.  Its a great forum you will soon feel at home.

Yes, I've already recognized a couple names from Aeclectic. Lovely and encourageing to see the community thriving.

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