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Lenormand And Timing Confusion

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Both I and my husband are actively looking for jobs (while I have one, and am looking for a better opportunity he, on the other hand, is still unemployed).

Am still in the process of learning Lenormand (am very new to it, so please pardon errors) and decided to give it a shot to know about timing for our job search (2 spreads), when will a new job come our way.

Reading for me:

I did the 3 card spread and here is what I got:

36. Cross

30. Lillies

31. Sun

To read them individually:  

36. Cross- I have been facing issues and obstacles in finding a right job for myself. The process is really delayed for me. This process has caused me lot of emotional and mental grief

30. Lillies - This means I will need to work under someone, get mentorship which will help establish a long term career for me

31. Sun - Success will come to me and I will get what I desire

  • Cross + Lillies:- This situation has been causing a sort of anxiety in me, almost on the verge of depression
  • Lillies + Sun :- I will interact with a man who will be really successful...Maybe he will be my mentor?
  • Cross + Sun :- It says that success is destined for me and will reach me soon


Now what has got me confused is the timing as the intent of the reading was to know when the event will take place: I feel 2 indicators of timing come up in this, Lillies and Sun: Lillies indicate winter, while the Sun indicates summer, both are very different, could it mean something in between - like Fall or spring..am not sure.


Reading for Husband:

Same question: When will a new job come to AW? He has been driving Uber currently 

Cards I got was:

9. Bouquet

15. Bear

33. Key


9. Bouquet - Things are working out well for him (I dont know how though, he just got a job rejection yesterday, he was quite hopeful about getting this job) and a great opportunity is expected soon

15. Bear- He has the strength and fortitude to overcome any obstacles that stand in his way

33. Key - Something significant should happen soon, and in order to do well he will need to take some steps to reach success


Bouquet + Bear : This job will help improve our financial situation

Bear + Key - He will need to take charge of the situation and reiterates financial success

Bouquet + Key - Will experience good time and success


If I bear card as the time indicator in this- 15 days, 15 weeks, or 15 months (15 months is a very long time😥)

and If I put key card as the time indicator -this should happen very soon

So am not sure what to expect and especially the timing (when)?

Thoughts and help with this interpretation and timings, please

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Well you complicate too much your reading in my opinion, because your question is only about timing, that is "when?"

Otherwise I've read on forums that people who practice timing with Lenormand say that timing is something tricky that needs also some intuition, therefore hmm, it's not something 100% certain of course!

Cross + Lilies + Sun

Here we have 2 important cards for timing: Lilies + Sun

Lilies is winter, and the Sun is summer, which is a bit confusing here because the answer seems unclear, it depends if you prioritize the card at the center or the last card. Because Lilies is at the center I would tend to say after summer, so the last part of the year, possibly the last quarter (the Cross for the last of something could be interesting to consider, on the other hand I don't have a precise indication concerning a season or a month for the Cross card).


Bouquet + Bear + Key

The Bouquet is spring, Bear indicates generally a long period, and Key is November.

Since we always are in spring (of course, depending on your hemisphere, it's something I don't know), something could still be possible. I would say before November.

Here your husband could find a job before you.


Just my two cents, I'm not really experienced, I just do my best (when possible)! 🙂

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Posted (edited)


Hi @Decan


Thank you for your response.

Am very new to Lenormand, so still getting a hang of it 😐

Interesting to see how you have simplified this reading for me. I really appreciate it.

It works perfectly well for me if my spouse finds something before me, will help a lot with our finances.

Thank you very much 










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