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Most Widely Used Decks 2019

fire cat pickles

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Let's have our own list!


This is TT&M's 2019 "Most Widely Used Decks" thread 2019. Instead of using the term "essential", which is (I believe) hopelessly nebulous and subjective, let's decide to use the term coined by @Wheel of Fantastic "most widely used" instead.


  1. In this thread, list what decks you think should be included in the poll.  (I will ask moderators to delete extraneous posts, actually, so you may be wasting your time....) After about 500 posts or so (I really don't care how many), I will edit the opening post and create a poll with the decks you suggest.
  2. You don't need to own, to have owned, or even to have read with any particular deck to list it. Simply list any deck you think should be included. Use your best judgment.
  3. You can repeat a deck that someone has already listed, so don't worry if someone else has already mentioned a deck before you. Once this thread has grown into page after page after page, I wouldn't expect you to have read every single post!
  4. Again, it will be very helpful if we keep the chatter to a minimum and only post decks to be included in the poll so I'm not endlessly fishing through your posts to look for decks you suggest, please.


Please: In the end, you can imagine what a headache it would be for me to search out the deck names among the many other conversations you may be tempted to have here other than simply listing deck names, especially once this thread grows after time. I plan on leaving this thread open for more than a few months to accumulate a significant number of posts for an adequate and accurate sample for us to poll. This is the thread for discussion:


Thank you 🙂

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Saturn Celeste

Hi Fire Cat!  I have locked this thread because you have given me an idea and I would like to take  your idea and run with it.  When I set up the poll yesterday it didn't work correctly when I tried to put it on an existing thread it 'ate' the poll.  So I love your idea but I'm going to implement it differently.  It will run to Jan. 1 2020 so if you want to make a poll of the 50 top decks from that section you can make it from scratch and use the data from the section.  I think it's a great idea and really fun to have something 'original' from TT&M!  Thank you for your contribution, FCP!  :shug_kittyhug_100-100:

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