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Oriens Tarot


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I don't think we have a thread on this deck yet? I saw a post today from the creator on her Facebook page saying that it will be available in August 2019. Yay! It's funny because I would say usually this is not the kind of art I go for in a deck, but I think this one is absolutely GORGEOUS and from what I've seen am definitely tempted to add it to my collection.


I haven't seen any other details, i.e. whether it will be a crowdfunding or straight pre-order/order, etc. Maybe someone else knows more! 29749989_820357414817081_5094225698035525965_o.thumb.jpg.90be7cf789b7edc8688c7b763fbaf9d7.jpg22555541_744103265775830_1366117663446107403_o.thumb.jpg.054a3b369c99887b3eaf9fa2f2a61664.jpg18121357_662327273953430_8092126087114727375_o.thumb.jpg.4a9f308d7a3730119d5343235e1fa647.jpg

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Hi RavenOfSummer - it's been a while since we talked!  I hadn't heard about this deck.  I just looked at the Facebook page and wow, the cards are gorgeous.  Thank you for bringing it to everyone's attention!  Scrolling down the page to a comment posted March 23, I saw that the Kickstarter for this tarot deck is coming in August.  I'll be watching for it!


Love, Grandma

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Hi @Grandma!! It HAS been a while! I've missed you! :animated-smileys-hug-002:I haven't been around much the past couple of months. So glad to be here now and catching up with  friends 💖 In our beautiful new home! 


So glad you like the deck- it is just stunning, isn't it? Thanks for the additional info! I was wondering if it would be a Kickstarter! I will definitely keep an eye out for this in August. If I see any other news I'll share it here!

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