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Decks With Dark Backgrounds


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I am trying to think of some additional decks with dark backgrounds, to come up with possible pairings I might want to add to/use in my collection. By dark backgrounds, I mean decks where the primary color of the background is a dark color. I have a few in my collection already which I'll list below. If anyone can think of any others I'd be grateful!




Prisma Visions: The background of this deck is dark blue, contrasting deeply with the bright colors of the art and the silver edging




Tarot Swietlistej Drogi: The cards are white and gold on a black background, giving an almost glowing effect to the art




Marigold Tarot: This indie deck came out last year- the card art is white with accents and borders in gold ink on black background






Shamanic Healing Oracle: This deck has wonderful, simple and colorful drawings on black background




Flowers of the Night Oracle: Beautiful art with sparse color on black backgrounds





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Some of the Brady https://bradytarot.com/pages/the-art-of-the-brady-tarot


Tarot of St Peterburg https://www.usgamesinc.com/Russian-Tarot.html

There is a category for dark/gothic on AT with several possibilities http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/cards/dark-gothic.shtml


Diary of a Broken Soul http://diary.tarotsmith.net/#gallery

Tarot Noir Gray Skies, though that may difficult to find





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The Visionary Tarot, currently running a Kickstarter for a gilded edition: 

The Golden Thread Tarot: https://labyrinthos.co/products/golden-thread-tarot-deck-cards


The first edition Persephone tarot, if I remember correctly, but please doublecheck: https://www.asaliearthwork.com/shop/persephonetarot (for images, normally available from https://circotarot.com/ and https://littleredtarot.com/product/persephone-tarot-first-edition/)


I know there are more, will post if I remember. 🙂 Good luck!

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The Stardust Tarot, another Kickstarter return:  



The True Black Tarot: https://trueblacktarot.com/


The El Goliath Tarot includes several cards with figures set against dark backgrounds, but some light ones as well: https://theelgoliathtarotdeck.com/products/the-el-goliath-tarot-deck


Finally, some decks other than tarot:


The Moon flower art deck: https://themoonjournal.com/collections/art-decks/products/moon-flower


The Swan and moon deck: https://themoonjournal.com/collections/art-decks/products/swandeck


The Plantlore herb art cards: https://themoonjournal.com/collections/art-decks/products/plantlore-cards


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I'd like to recommend three stunning independently created decks:


The Darkness of Light Tarot


spacer.png spacer.png 


The major arcana all have this palette while the four suits each have a color theme. The minors are not quite as dark but the creator's art has an overall darker feeling.


The Shadow Light Tarot


spacer.png spacer.png


An incredibly complex panoramic deck in black and white. It also has a minimalist mini-version with a black background called The Wander Light Tarot.


Soul Cards




A symbolic and minimalist deck with gold foil.


Hope that helps!

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Just a post to find this post back - I love the dark background cards.
Only have the Shananic healing myself - but I feel the need for another deck I really want to check this post!

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