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Special Pick Me Up From The Hermit

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I’ve read a lot about the hermit after feeling so low and in my shell , loosing faith etc 

what I have researched so far is that he signifies “god” and I really wanted to share something really special with you , well when I was 15 say I was always playing with my deck and found myself in the cards with the characters well one night I dreamed I was in a dark alley with the hermit I offered him help up the stairs everything seemed much darker to me than him as he had a lantern to help him along he was neither proud or undignified by my offer but simply outstretched his lantern and in his lantern was the Star of David and then Joseph’s face in the flames creating light in this dark place I often find when I am loosing faith I remember this dream and it speeds my healing recovers my faith . His face was stern but not angry understanding but not brash and simply calm there was no menace or pain he understood and he didn’t flinch he looked to me with understanding to me when I couldn’t speak. When I discussed this with a pastor he gave me a prayer card that reads “the lord bless you and keep you; the lord make his face to shine upon you, and be gracious to you; the lord lift up his countance upon you and give you peace numbers 6: 24-26 


if if this isn’t proof enough that the hermit symbolises god I don’t know what is 


it it also reminds me of the song silver and gold he’s not in search of riches he’s humble with rags that’s were half of today’s society’s problem is slow down take some care ... of you invest that time to say yes I feel better make it a done deed  ☺️


id like to refrain the sentiment it gave me that though I search long and hard although I loose and seem lost I am right we’re I am meant to be for that chance meeting of everything I need to heal the soul searching I need isn’t unobtainable there’s a light within me and today it’s time to let it shine bright and not be dimmed after all his light in me is eternal. To me the hermit is the most powerful deck without solitude their is no inspiration maybe different cards mean different things to different people in their life but I just wanted to share this inspiring msg with you I am new here and would also like to introduce myself by username tarotangel93 


all the best tarotlovers x 

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What a very interesting post @tarotangel93.   I concur with the analysis of your dream. 


To me the Hermit represents the God-within.


The light he carries is the light within us all whether we believe in a Christian God, Pagan or Egyptian Pantheon's, or indeed any Great Entity, or even if we just believe in love itself.  It is the Divine Light that once discovered and lit will never leave us, and we can only discover this light in times of great personal desolation.  It looks a very bleak card; but we know it isn't.  We can imagine him walking through the Death card, walking past The Devil, the catastrophe of The Tower, and walking the scary path of The Moon card without taking his eyes from the light of the lantern.  That is true faith.


There is a saying: we were born alone, & we will die alone.  I disagree with this.  Most of us are born into the loving arms of our mothers, then when we die hopefully most of us will pass surrounded by the loving faces of our family; however there will be at least once in our lives that we are totally alone even if we are surrounded by family and friends, they are unable to help us.   But once we discover the Hermit's light within, then we are never alone. 


The Hermit is on a journey of the inner-paths to find his true source.   He is on the road to find out.





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That was a lovely insight I love exploring this card, it’s very me 😁and I agree very much that it is the “light” within us -all- 


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