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Decks With Modern Technology?


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Here are some decks with modern (and/or futuristic) technology or look more modern in general:


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The Urban Tarot!

Just published in a *gorgeous* mass-market edition by US Games :heart:


The Rohrig has a bit (race car, computer somewhere)


The Textured does not have a lot of it, but has a very modern / contemporary feel in general; same goes for the Gaian, although they are very different in style


The Quantum tarot has a bit here and there, but it is mostly science-y and quite contemporary as well


The  Voyager tarot has everything and the kitchen sink in it - including some depictions of modern technology 😉


If guns count, then that would add many decks, like the Victoria Regina and the Santa Muerte


The Silicon Dawn was the first one that came to mind, but has already been mentioned.


I'm sure there are more, I'll add them if any more occur to me!

(What is that modern, black & white deck published recently, by - I think - US Games?)


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